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Step Inside Twilight Star Taylor Lautner’s Sunset Wedding to Taylor Dome With These Pictures

Photo: Nicole Ivanov

In 2017, actor Taylor Lautner was hosting a game night at his home, when he was introduced to Taylor Dome—a registered nurse, mental health advocate, and founder of the blog Lemons by Tay and the non-profit The Lemons Foundation—by his sister. Before the event, she told her brother: “I’m bringing your future wife!”

The two Taylors were engaged on November 11, 2021, with the teen heartthrob (and Twilight star) proposing in the couple’s L.A. kitchen. “Tay always told me she didn’t want anything big or elaborate; she preferred something intimate,” Lautner says. “One night, she suggested I just do it in the kitchen over dinner and a glass of wine. So I ended up doing it in the kitchen, but I did it big in the kitchen.”

Numerology has always been important to Dome, so Lautner quickly identified 11/11/21 as the perfect proposal date. “With our friend and assistant’s help, I had an event arranged for her to go to so we could transform the kitchen while she was gone,” Lautner explains. “We covered the kitchen with hundreds of roses and candles, and it was hardly recognizable. When she got home from her event, she was in for quite the surprise. Later that night, I suggested to her that we get married exactly one year from today on Friday, November 11, 2022—and we did!”

The couple worked with Josiah Carr and Justin McGregor of Samkoma, who conceptualized and executed everything for their Friday night wedding in California, at Epoch Estate Winery outside of Paso Robles. “Planning a wedding is a lot of work and obviously has its highs and lows but the whole process was pretty smooth and the end product exceeded all of the expectations we had!” Dome says. “When I tried my dress on for the first time, it had these beautiful lace capes coming off the shoulders, and I was in awe,” she remembers of her Winnie Couture dress. “I didn’t think I wanted a dress like I ended up picking, but I felt like a princess when I put it on and that’s how I knew it was the one.”

Butterflies hold a deeper meaning for Dome, so she added butterfly appliqués to the dress and veil to make them even more personal. “Aside from the growth, transformation, and comfort that butterflies symbolize. My nana and I have always had a deep love for butterflies,” the bride explains. “My nana’s mom passed away at a young age, and she always told my nana she would come back as a white butterfly to watch over and protect her. To this day, my nana and I always have white butterflies around. The day before the wedding, I was out at lunch and a white butterfly literally landed on me. I was blown away and felt so comforted.” Butterfly earrings from Susan Saffron and an engagement ring and wedding band from Ring Concierge completed the bride’s ceremony look.

On the day of the wedding, 100 family and friends were shuttled to the ceremony location within the vineyard, and instrumental music was playing as they took their seats. The bridal party walked down the aisle to “Touching Heaven” by Johnnyswim; soon after, the bride and her father followed, making their grand entrance to “Heaven’s Knife” by Aodhan King.

Dome and Lautner’s pastor and dear friend Judah Smith officiated the ceremony. The couple exchanged handwritten vows—and after being pronounced “Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Lautner,” the newlyweds walked down the aisle to “Born to Love You” by LANCO as guests through white rose petals.

“I felt like I was in a fairytale,” Dome says. “Everything was so beautiful—I was absolutely blown away. I remember looking around during the ceremony and just being in awe of everything. As we exchanged rings, I just kept thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe we are actually doing this!’ We have dreamt of this day for so long, and it was so beyond perfect.”

For Lautner, the sentiment was the same. “It couldn’t have been more perfect,” he says. “I could’ve been anywhere marrying my best friend and the love of my life but the setting of the ceremony definitely made the whole thing feel surreal. The sunset over the mountains exactly when we said our ‘I dos’ made it feel like a dream.”

Afterwards, guests toasted the happy couple with drinks named after their dogs Remi and Lily. Live music was played on a grand piano covered in flowers, and painter Alyssa Simpson illustrated bottles of Epoch’s rosé for guests to take home at the end of the night.

On their way to the reception area, where a three-course dinner was about to be served, guests walked through a butterfly garden filled with greenery. There, butterflies flitted around guests while a harpist played in the background. Once inside, there were candles from Snif burning a custom scent called “Sweet Ash” and leather menu books embossed with a custom TT logo at each place setting.

The Lautners’ first dance was to Justin Bieber’s “Lifetime” sung by friend Aodhan King. After that, Aodhan and Benjamin Hastings continued to sing, and the couple changed into their second looks of the night. Once Dome was in her Retrofete dress, “Mrs. Lautner” high top shoes, and a tennis necklace for the Ring Concierge—and Lautner had made the switch into a velvet shirt and pants by Dolce & Gabbana—it was time for the dance party.

“[Looking back on it,] having an intimate wedding was so perfect,” Dome says. “We got to talk with everyone there and just enjoy our time with our guests. Our wedding day was the most special day of my life! But, we are big believers in [the fact that] marriage is about all the days after the one wedding day. And that’s what I’m most excited for—for forever!”

Sunset at our rehearsal dinner. Photo: Nicole Ivanov

Our rehearsal dinner took place in the cellar at Epoch Estate Wines. The candlelit table was set for 40 guests. Photo: Nicole Ivanov

Photo: Nicole Ivanov

Stationery, wax seals, and other details including branded aprons and menus all by Kate Wiseman Creative. Photo: Nicole Ivanov

My butterfly earrings by Susan Saffron. Photo: Nicole Ivanov

Photo: Nicole Ivanov

The forest green bridesmaids’ dresses from BHLDN complimented the organic landscape and vineyard vines at the ceremony. Photo: Nicole Ivanov

Taylor Lautner wore a custom Dolce & Gabbana tuxedo and his groomsmen wore suits from The Black Tux. Photo: Nicole Ivanov

Photo: Nicole Ivanov

Photo: Nicole Ivanov

The Winnie Couture dress worn by Taylor not only had a train, but also had trains of fabric cascading down from both shoulders. Photo: Nicole Ivanov

Floral Design was by Noonans Designs. Draping was by Tn Event Designs. Planning and event design was all by Samkoma—they made our vision come to life! —Taylor Dome Photo: Nicole Ivanov

I was absolutely blown away with how our ceremony turned out. It exceeded all expectations I had. —Taylor Dome Photo: Nicole Ivanov

Photo: Nicole Ivanov

Photo: Nicole Ivanov

Taylor is wearing a tux by Dolce & Gabbana, and my dress is by Winnie Couture. —Taylor Dome Photo: Nicole Ivanov

I felt like a real life butterfly! —Taylor Dome Photo: Nicole Ivanov

I am so in love with my rings from Ring Concierge! They truly have some of the most elegant, timeless pieces. —Taylor Dome Photo: Nicole Ivanov

Autumn is definitely our favorite time of year so it was perfect being surrounded by all of our favorite fall colors. —Taylor Lautner Photo: Nicole Ivanov

Photo: Nicole Ivanov

When I was walking down the aisle, just staring at Taylor, I was brought to tears because I was finally marrying my best friend. —Taylor Dome Photo: Nicole Ivanov

Photo: Nicole Ivanov

The bride’s parents. Photo: Nicole Ivanov

The groom’s parents. The groom’s sister Makena had a baby a couple of days before the wedding and wasn’t able to make it. We had photos of she and her husband on the front row seats. Photo: Nicole Ivanov

The sun began to set right as the couple said “I Do.” Photo: Nicole Ivanov

Having a cake with a transparent layer was the bride’s goal from the beginning. The team at Just Baked SLO brought this vision to life. Photo: Nicole Ivanov

We attach scents to certain memories and people. We wanted our wedding to have its own scent, so people could walk away thinking about the smell. We wanted people to say, “Wow—what a scent! I’ve never smelt something like that!” So we incorporated our favorite candle scent “Sweet Ash” from Snif! We had 15 of their jumbo candles burning throughout the reception and garden areas. —Taylor Dome. Photo: Nicole Ivanov

Friend and groomsmen, Aodhan King, sang our first dance song “Lifetime” by Justin Bieber. —Taylor Dome. Photo: Nicole Ivanov

Our first dance was such a sweet, intimate moment. —Taylor Dome. Photo: Nicole Ivanov

Umm, I need an inhaler after seeing this photo. —Taylor Lautner. Photo: Nicole Ivanov

With the help of my stylist Sonia Young, we told the designer at Dolce & Gabbana that my party change needed to be a material that could allow for an occasional back flip or split on the dance floor. They crushed this look! Photo: Nicole Ivanov

Photo: Nicole Ivanov

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