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Planning a Traditional Emirati Wedding? Al Seef Heritage Hotel May Be Your Dream Venue


A wedding at Al Seef Heritage Hotel. Photo:

Planning your wedding? Why not welcome the next chapter your life with an enchanting experience of Emirati culture and tradition, located in the heart of Al Seef Heritage hotel?

Overlook the old Dubai creek, this space makes the ideal spot for couples to exchange vows, and consists of two distinct areas: Sabaa Café, and an additional, larger venue details with intricate design elements that reflect the local heritage of the region.


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With a combination of modern and bespoke Arabian hospitality delivered at every stage of planning, your wedding your guests will be thrilled with Al Seef Heritage hotel’s menu, which brims with Arabian flavors, delicious beverages, and mouth-wateringly fresh seafood. The unique hotel also offers wedding parties an ‘Arabian Night’-themed evening, which will allow you to immerse yourself in Emirati traditions while looking to a new life. What’s more, the hotel stretches along the south bank of Dubai Creek, so guests can explore the winding alleyways of Souk, known for its rich Arabian spices, must-try delicacies, and rich jewelry. For those who prefer a more intimate wedding weekend, there’s no denying the charm of the lovingly designed rooms of the hotel.

A stunning accommodation with a hidden gem amid its rooftop, and courtyards that bring to life the beauty of traditional Arabic homes, Al Seef Heritage hotel gives families a sense of being in a private haven, mixed with decor elements like regal fabrics and wooden beams that bring the best of Emirati history into your special day. Like travelers of old time, arrive at your future bursting with tales you can tell for years.

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