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Pictures: Bride-To-Be Rajwa Al-Saif’s Henna Outfit Took More Than 2,000 Hours To Create, and Includes Several Hidden Messages of Love

The bride dances with family and friends. Photo:

The royal wedding of Rajwa Al-Saif and Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan is right around the corner, and now, we have a first look at the bride-to-be’s henna ensemble, worn last night in an intimate celebration.

Crafted by Saudi designer Honayda Serafi, Al-Saif’s henna dress is a vision in white and gold. The future queen of Jordan celebrated with family and friends in a look that takes inspiration from the traditional Najdi dress, known as Sahabi thoub, which originates from the Najd region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Keeping in mind the occasion and the family, Serafi made sure to combine the cultural beauty of the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to celebrate the union of Rajwa and Prince Hussein beautifully.

rajwa al saif henna party full outfit


A closer look at the details of Rajwa Al-Saif’s henna outfit

Featuring a handcrafted veil and dress, Rajwa Al-Saif’s pristine white henna outfit comes doused in 3D ornaments, made using a mix of silk, metallic threads and traditional reed strings (a signature element of Najdi embroidery). To create this masterpiece, Honayda Serafi took cues from the bride’s personality, attempting to reflect her innate grace, the rich traditions of her land, and her contemporary spirit.

Photo: Courtesy Honayda

Look closely, and you’ll notice that Al-Saif’s gown is replete with lovingly made details. Featuring a high round neck and full sleeves, the crepe gown features an inverted triangle-shaped bodice that is inspired by the traditional Najdi bodice design, normally worn as a separate piece. As the body-skimming gown continues, it flares out towards the ankles to create a mermaid-esque shape. The bodice of the gown is elevated using embroidery: soft organza flowers share space with geometric shapes and Arabic motifs, all of which are typical to Saudi Arabia and reflect the beauty and traditions of the bride’s homeland.

The bodice of the gown. Photo: Courtesy Honayda

Rajwa Al-Saif’s veil has also been embroidered with meaningful designs, making this piece so personal to her journey. Seven Jordanian stars adorn her veil to signify the seven-pointed star that sits proudly on the Jordanian flag. What makes this symbol even more special is its religious meaning: The star on the Jordan flag signifies the seven verses in the opening chapter of the Holy Qur’an, and the seven mountains of Amman.

rajwa al saif henna party outfit 7

Seven hand-stitched Jordanian stars dotted Rajwa Al-Saif’s outfit. Photo: Courtesy Honayda

Along with the stars, the veil also features intricate palm trees as a reference to Saudi Arabia, and even some poetry. The words “I see you, and life becomes more beautiful” have been embroidered into Al-Saif’s veil, from Tunisian poet Abu al-Qasim al-Shabi, known for his Andalusian notes. If you’re a fan of Rajwa Al-Saif’s elegant wardrobe, you may already know that the bride-to-be has a soft spot for special symbols when it comes to her clothing. Back in August 2022, when Rajwa was officially engaged to Prince Hussein, she also commemorated the occasion with her clothing—an abaya that was embroidered with two gold birds, symbolizing two souls in love.

A line of poetry on Rajwa Al-Saif’s henna outfit. Photo: Courtesy Honayda

Rajwa Al-Saif’ veil took 760 hours to complete

An exquisite piece of couture requires hours of effort, and Rajwa Al-Saif’s henna outfit is no different. According to the designer, Al-Saif’s veil took 760 hours to complete, and was worked on by a team of experts, craftsman and women. Extending to 10 meters, the piece was made using handcrafted tulle, a process that normally takes close to 2,000 hours of work. As for her billowing gown, the creation is the result of 340 hours of work.

rajwa al saif henna party outfit 2

Photo: Courtesy Honayda

Honayda Serafi: “I am very proud and honored to be part of this historic union”

Speaking on the occasion, Serafi shared, “I am very proud and honored to be part of this historic union between His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II of the honorable Hashemite family, and Miss Rajwa Khalid Alseif. May they be blessed with happiness and their union be crowned with success.”

Taking place on June 1, 2023, Rajwa Al-Saif and Crown Prince Hussein’s wedding is bound to be a globally-watched affair, with millions of well-wishers from around the world bestowing good wishes and blessings with the couple. Watch this space for more updates on the royal union, and scroll to discover more details from the bride-to-be’s breathtaking henna dress.

Palm trees signify the beauty of Saudi Arabia. Photo: Courtesy Honayda


Queen Rania gives Rajwa Al-Saif a warm hug. Photo:

Rajwa Al-Saif with mother-in-law-to-be, Queen Rania. Photo:


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