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Pictures: Princess Iman Wears Queen Rania’s Bridal Belt for Her Pre-Wedding Henna Party

Queen Rania and Princess Iman. Photo:

Princess Iman of Jordan is only a few days away from getting married and HM Queen Rania has made sure that the dress for her pre-wedding festivities is not only impeccable, but also reflects the love she shares with her mother. As the countdown for the royal wedding on March 12 continues, festivities have already started at the palace – Princess Iman’s henna party was held earlier today.

Queen Rania posted photos from the celebration on her Instagram, giving her followers a much-anticipated look into the event. While friends and family surrounded the radiant 26-year-old princess, Queen Rania and Rajwa Al Saif, fiancé of Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah also provided some serious style inspiration.

Queen Rania and Rajwa Al Saif. Photo:

For the party, the bride-to-be opted for a traditional and delicately embroidered dress created by Jordanian-Palestinian designer Reema Dahbour.  “It’s a moment of pride as a Jordanian fashion designer, I am deeply honored to see our piece on Princess Iman on such a special day. Congratulations to our royal family!” commented Dahbour.

Princess Iman. Photo:

Dahbour is known for adding a modern flair to age-old cultural fashion while preserving traditional methods and craftsmanship. The silk chiffon dress chosen by Princess Iman was hand embroidered by Jordanian women over a period of six months. The end result is a stunning bridal gown scattered with embellishments worthy of royalty.


Queen Rania’s love for a statement belt is well known, but avid followers of the Jordanian royals might already have noticed that there is something special about the belt adorning Princess Iman’s henna party dress. The gold and pearl embroidered belt was last seen in 1993 at the Queen’s own wedding with King Abdullah II as it cinched into the waist of her iconic wedding dress.

Queen Rania, king Abdullahs wedding

Queen Rania’s wedding day. Photo: The Royal Hashemite Court

Family and emotion are really all that weddings are about, and the belt remains a symbol of the love between the Queen and her daughter as she starts a new chapter in her life. In a post earlier this week, Queen Rania mirrored this very emotion as she congratulated Princess Iman, saying, “The first time I held my baby girl, I knew my life would never be the same. In a week, she will be a bride. My precious Iman, I am so happy for you and so proud of everything that you are.”

Queen Rania and Princess Iman. Photo:

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