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Jennifer Lopez Reveals What Her Dream Proposal Looks Like

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Photo: Getty

Jennifer Lopez knows what her heart wants when it comes to public displays of affection and proposals. In a recent interview with the Heart FM radio show, Lopez expressed why she loves public displays of affection, but does not opt-in for public proposals.

Currently dating Ben Affleck, the star mentioned, “I love public displays of romance.” However, her vision on pubic proposals differs as she states, “I don’t know that I would love a proposal, I think that that’s a more intimate thing between two people, but I have no problem with PDA. I’m actually all about it if you really feel it.”

Possibly anticipating a future proposal between Affleck and Lopez, fans can probably expect a private engagement. The Marry Me star also adds, “I do think a proposal is kind of an intimate, sacred thing that should just be between two people” further going on to mention that making a pledge between two people is a “big deal.”


Photo: Getty

“I think it’s always nice when it’s just making it about you, and the person you want to be with, those are those times when it’s not about like the big public thing,” offers Lopez. The singer and actor may love packing on the PDA with Affleck, but she mentions that she appreciates the little quiet moments they get to spend together when “it’s just about two people connecting, going away taking walks, being somewhere” and  being able to “have a quiet beautiful moment together, where we just get to be regular people and talk about life and be together and enjoy each other’s company, that to me is very romantic.”

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