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ESPOSAPRIVÉ Offers a Bold Perspective on Bridal Dresses in a New Campaign

Dress, Marchesa

Luxury brand ESPOSAPRIVÉ takes on a bold perspective on bridal dresses in a new campaign. Fifteen years after Sarah Jessica Parker’s iconic movie wedding in her role as writer Carrie Bradshawthe brand recreates a similar celebration of self-love with the help of fashion journalist Diala Makki

From Beirut to Riyadh and Dubai, brides have been creating their dream wedding ensembles – with a little help from Esposagroup boutique. This family-owned company prides itself on collaborations with the best local and international brands, and more recently a couture collection, Esposacouture, designed by creative director Kristie Romanos. Since 1987 the Romanos family has ensured that there is something for every woman in their stores, from mermaid gowns and bohemian numbers to ball gowns reminiscent of a fairytale.

Set, EsposaCouture

Now, with the three Romanos sisters – Kristie, Juliana, and Jihane – at its helm, Esposagroup presents a bold new concept based on its heritage of celebrating womanhood. A new campaign that draws inspiration from the iconic Carrie Bradshaw wedding scene, focuses on the timeless allure of bridal fashion through a lens of empowerment, sending an important message that success and happiness can be achieved without conforming to societal norms. “We have been seeing successful women strive in their career and bloom, despite the peer pressure exercised by the Arab world for being married; a woman’s success is often measured in her marriage and family life,” says Kristie while explaining their latest campaign. “Esposagroup decided to break the taboo, as a woman must be celebrated every day in every way, and there are happy endings to successful women.”

Dress, Florence by EsposaCouture

With marriage so often considered one of the greatest achievements a woman can pursue, it is revolutionary to say that self-love and personal success matter just as much, if not more. But the idea is even more subversive coming from a company that sells bridal dresses. Esposagroup may have woven countless love stories into marriages, but the brand is at its core about women. Community is important for the sisters, one that is built for women and works to fulfil all their dreams – whether it involves finding a couture wedding look that fits her love story or a focus on bridal fashion through the lens of empowerment. “What defines Esposagroup really is the fact that it’s one big family, supporting women and creating a bigger community that surpasses everything,” Kristie says. This community includes all women, even those that don’t plan on walking down the aisle anytime soon.

Diala Makki was the perfect muse for this campaign that celebrates female empowerment. A prominent figure in the fashion and journalism industry, her intelligence, career-oriented path, and beauty perfectly embody the spirit of the campaign, thus conveying the message that self-love and success can lead to a happy ending carved out on your own terms. “We wanted to showcase a live example,” Kristie says, “celebrating her success as a woman, showing that you can wear a wedding dress as a celebration of your success and achievements. There is always a happy ending with self-love!”

Dress, Vera Wang: Beatrice

The three sisters are an ideal example of the female empowerment they hope to propagate through ESPOSAPRIVÉ. “Being women in the business world has its ups and downs, definitely,” says Kristie. “It’s especially not easy to juggle between our jobs and our families, because aside from being business owners, we are sisters, daughters, wives, and mothers.” She adds, “Nonetheless, the support we have received from our lovely brides was enough for us to proceed and aim higher, which is exactly how we were able to expand our business in the Arab world, and how my collection ESPOSACOUTURE was born. Many exciting projects are in sight for Esposagroup. We just opened our fifth boutique in the Arab World, in Riyadh, and soon we will be opening in Jeddah. On another note, my collection Esposacouture by Kristie Romanos is now available in more than 15 countries, and we are aiming to see my designs on French, Japanese, African women and those from all nationalities from all around the world.”

Dress, headpiece, gloves, Viktor & Rolf

At ESPOSAPRIVÉ customers will find the most alluring of options. International brands such as Monique Lhuillier, Marchesa, Viktor & Rolf, Stephane Rolland, and Giambattista Valli can be found on the racks of its stores. However, Kristie still counts Esposagroup biggest achievement that of creating its own bridal brand, Esposacouture by Kristie Romanos, “a brand that caters to all women looking for a timeless look with a modern stylish touch.” This venture was partly inspired by the diversity of female experiences and a belief in the fact that every woman has her own unique path in life regardless of societal expectations.

This freedom to be yourself is infused within Esposagroup and is the message the sisters hope to give young Arab women across the region. “To all the young ladies who are skeptical and in doubt, I encourage you to just go for it! Trust the process and do not be afraid of failure, as it comes with the territory. Trust your gut feeling and stay focused on your goals. But most importantly, enjoy the ride and make the most out of every step, because though it might seem hard at first, the feeling you will get after every success is worth the ride.”

Dress, Vera Wang: Beatrice

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