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Celina Locks Opens Up About Her Dream Wedding With Football Icon Ronaldo

Earrings, necklace, rings, Dior Joaillerie; shirt, Mans Concept. Photo: Santiago Belizón

On the evening of September 25, Instagram feeds around the world blew up with one particularly note-worthy wedding snapshot. Walking under a shower of ivory rose petals, Celina Locks beamed for the camera while walking hand-in-hand with husband Ronaldo, both dressed in coordinated white ensembles.


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Having racked up thousands of likes in mere minutes, the picture is enough to confirm the fact that this intimate, yet high profile wedding may just be the celebration of the season. After all, the bride counts herself among Instagram’s favorite faces, and the groom is a football legend whose iconic career has earned him the nickname “The Phenomenon”. Below, Vogue Arabia introduces you to the bride of the moment with a special shoot that sees her draped in envy-worthy jewels, and chats with the newly-wed about her fairytale romance with Ronaldo.

Earrings, rings, bracelets, watch, Bulgari; dress, Dior. Photo: Santiago Belizón

Who is Celina Locks?

A woman of many talents, Celina Locks is the founder and CEO of Celina Locks Beauty, and is also a model and influencer. The Paris Fashion Week regular has worked closely with fashion houses including Giorgio Armani, Valentino, and Isabel Marant, among others. When she’s not busy at work, Locks also dedicates her time to philanthropy, with strong ties with the Fenômenos Foundation, which focuses on empowering communities in Brazil.

Necklace, rings, Chopard; shirt, Roberto Verino. Photo: Santiago Belizón

Born on March 4, 1990 in Curitiba, Brazil, Celina Locks shares her birthday with her brother Caio, and despite her choice of career, has always kept her family life safe from public scrutiny — so it comes as no surprise that the multi-hyphenate did the same when it was time to say “I do”. According to reports, Locks and Ronaldo tied the knot close to eight years after they first met, away from shutterbugs at their Ibiza residence, surrounded only by their closest family and friends. Looking back, it seems like the football legend always knew the two were destined to be together. “I guess I can’t pinpoint the moment I knew I loved Celina, because I fall in love with her every day,” he tells Vogue Arabia. “I think our gathering helped us develop more realistic expectations. We didn’t rush into things and that helped us build a healthy, balanced, respectful relationship. We can talk about anything and there’s no topic off-limits.”

Earrings, rings, Chopard; top, Dior. Photo: Santiago Belizón

Newly-wed Celina Locks tells Vogue Arabia about how she met her husband, the proposal, and her dream wedding dress

What was it like to meet Ronaldo Nazário for the first time? Was it love at first sight?
It was different. We met at a friend’s house, and at the time I didn’t pay much attention to him. After seeing each other more often, usually between friend’s gatherings, he approached me and said in a very confident tone, “You will fall in love with me within the next two months!” At that moment I could only laugh. But after all, he was right!

Earrings, necklace, Cartier; dress, Carolina Herrera. Photo: Santiago Belizón

Growing up, how important was football to you?
In my country, football runs through our veins, it’s something we’re born with. We’re used to stopping everything we’re doing and making a national holiday during the Brazilian National team football matches. So, I can say I have been a football fan since my childhood.

Necklace, ring, bracelet, Chaumet; polo shirt, Fendi. Photo: Santiago Belizón

Tell us about the moment you realized you were in love with Ronaldo.
We had been speaking by phone for two months after we first met. After this time passed, we reached the period of holidays in Brazil. We had a friends trip planned, and in the plane on the way there (I remember as if it were today!), I had butterflies in my stomach and I could not wait to see him. At that time I recall thinking, “How can this be possible?”. Of course, it was love!

Earrings, pendant, necklace, Suarez; dress, Nina Ricci. Photo: Santiago Belizón

What was the proposal like for you? Were there tears?
It was unexpected, real, and magical. We were surrounded by people we love, and he gave a beautiful speech he wrote to me. I cried, but my tears were of so much joy.

Necklace, Chaumet. Photo: Santiago Belizón


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