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Maha Abdul Rasheed of Bambah on Conservative Dressing

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Bambah launched on to the Dubai scene with its carefully curated, high-end vintage boutique under the sharp eye of Maha Abdul Rasheed. After a few years as the leading destination for elegant pre-loved pieces, Rasheed took to the design studio and launched Bambah. The collection is now stocked on Farfetch and captures the classical glamour and ardor for the sharp silhouettes of the 1950s. Appliqué and oversized florals are a sartorial signature for the UAE-based designer.

As Rasheed shares with a striking video about her biggest style inspiration – her mother – we speak to the modest style pioneer about key tips for dressing on-point and find out what’s around the corner for the breakout brand.

Bambah Fall 2017. Courtesy of Bambah

The Bambah Modest Capsule Collection. Courtesy of Bambah

How do you handle the nuances of women’s attire being striking yet conservative? 

I think it all comes down to the woman’s character and how she carries herself. I strongly believe that modesty and fashion can co-exist and there are no limits to how you can make them both work. We are surrounded with the concept of modesty and it’s just about using your creativity and imagination in making it work the way you see fit.

Bambah Fall 2017. Courtesy of Bambah

The Bambah Modest Capsule Collection. Courtesy of Bambah

What key style tips did you learn from your mother?

#1: Easy does it. When it comes to choosing outfits and layering clothes, I’ve learned from my mom that simplicity is king! She always tells me to wear the clothes and not let the clothes wear me.

#2: Softly, softly. Opt for light colors and soft linens, as they work very well together and are well suited for any occasion – whether a boardroom meeting or a night out with friends.

#3: Color co-ord. Always choose colors and textures that sit well together and complement your complexion and body shape.

#4: Accessorize! My mom always accessorized with elegant pieces, such as pearl necklaces, glamorous shoes, and nice rings to complete the look.

#5: Dress in comfort and confidence. My mom told me that whether you’re getting dressed in the morning to start the day or at night to begin your evening, you should remember to choose outfits that make you comfortable in who you are so you radiate confidence. Nothing looks better than a woman dressed in confidence. If your heels are too high and hurt your feet, don’t wear them.

#6: Be effortless. Don’t get lost by being surrounded with so many beautiful clothes and don’t put in too much effort trying to look good. She always tells me to dress for myself and not for anyone else; to move a lot, laugh a lot, and always have fun being who I am.

Bambah Fall 2017. Courtesy of Bambah

The Bambah Modest Capsule Collection. Courtesy of Bambah

What is in the pipeline for the brand in 2017?

We’re very excited to be launching our SS18 in September, which was inspired by Jaipur, the Pink city in India. We’re also collaborating with an Indian shoe designer to launch a limited-edition capsule collection inspired by our trip to India.

Bambah’s Fall 2017 collection is available to purchase online now, entitled The Romance of Josephine. Bambah Boutique is located on The Boulevard, City Walk 2 in Building 13, Dubai, and available online.

Be inspired by poetic images from Lanvin Homme’s long-term collaborator

Fouz Al Fahad on The September Issue

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In an exclusive interview with team Vogue Arabia, the Kuwaiti beauty blogger and entrepreneur Fouz Al Fahad beamed, “Who’s excited for Vogue Arabia’s September issue?” With more than 2.1 million followers on Instagram and a clear understanding of what her core audience wants, @TheRealFouz shares what excites her about the launch in her home region of the 22nd edition of Vogue. “I feel that Middle Eastern women have really good taste in fashion and beauty, and that the September issue is going to have a huge influence on them,” Al Fahad tells

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Al Fahad chimes in with the community of It-girls who are musing on Vogue Arabia’s biggest issue to date, with American-Palestinian model Bella Hadid on the cover wearing Fendi, shot by Karl Lagerfeld. Next up is Mthayel Al-Ali on what it means to have premium modest fashion elevated on the world stage by Vogue Arabia.

The September issue of Vogue Arabia is out on August 30. Subscribe here to get your copy first and never miss another issue.

The insider details on the September issue cover

Mthayel Al-Ali on Showing the World Arabian Style With Vogue

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Following a photo shoot with Vogue Arabia for the September issue, which spotlights conservative style that reinterprets the global trends with an Arabian twist, Mthayel Al-Ali talks to about the impact of the brand on the global fashion scene. The launch of Vogue in the Middle East “opens up the fashion industry in the Arab world,” Al-Ali reflects. The hotly anticipated issue (the largest editorial offering from the Dubai-based publication) is available across the region on August 30. Reflecting on her shoot alongside regional It-girls like Safiya Bezzan, Leena Al Ghouti, and Saufeeya Goodson, Mthayel adds, “The shoot will give the world a glimpse at what it’s like to be conservative and fashionable.” Watch the video for a peek of the exclusive shoot and to hear Al-Ali’s musings on our first September issue.

The September issue of Vogue Arabia is out on August 30. Subscribe here to get your copy first and never miss another issue.

The insider details on the September issue cover

Bahraini Designer Lulwa Al Amin on Her New Digital Approach

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Since launching her e-commerce platform in May 2017, Bahraini designer Lulwa Al Amin has filled her online store with bold new collections, relocated from London back to Bahrain, and created a unique space for creative collaboration. Using the concept of oscillating ‘window displays’ from her very own digital universe, the designer conceptualizes unique stories with artists and emerging names from the region and beyond. Naturally, these projects are plugged into new collections from her Lulu Al Amin brand and showcases the designer’s sartorial whimsy in a range of different mediums: photography, film, and even baking.

Lulwa Al Amin

Lulu Al Amin High Summer 2017 collection is powered through to the brand’s global customer base via her new digital approach. Courtesy of Lulwa Al Amin

“The change in the digital world made it no longer necessary for brands to be based in a fashion capital,” Al Amin tells Vogue Arabia. Indeed the digital world has changed the landscape for most major brands, enabling more visibility for emerging labels and requiring a dialogue between storied houses and the customer, in an unprecedented way. Early adopters to social media platforms, such as Topshop Unique and Burberry, have found digital solutions for retaining the interest of its clientele and closing the waiting list for collection drops in store with see-now-buy-now fresh from the runway.

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A pillar of Burberry’s new digital initiative, Instagram is the brand’s window display to the world. American-Palestinian models and siblings, Gigi and Anwar Hadid model in the new campaign for the British brand. @Burberry | Instagram

With the dawn of the digital age, customers want to buy into the lifestyle of the brand, peek behind the once closed doors of the maisons, relate to the ethos of the company in a sequence of Snapchats, and adore the designers at the helm. Gucci‘s Alessandro Michele is a classic case in point. Since his appointment in 2015, the design maestro and his 204K of Instagram followers and 16+million brand followers have created a cultural stratosphere of all things Gucci–from homeware to travel apps, fur-lined Princetown slippers, and oversized jewel-encrusted sunglasses. Gucci enjoyed a 21% rise in sales in the fourth quarter of 2016 with over 4.3 million euros being made for the Kering Group’s biggest name. Gucci’s traction on social media is a driving force behind its success.

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The Italian brand showcases its new collections and diffusion projects via its @Gucci Instagram account.

Instagram has also given a platform for regional designers, Al Amin reflects. “Most industry professionals and customers focused on international designers rather than supporting regional ones. However with social media, this has all changed. It exposed Middle Eastern designers and [regional] styles to a worldwide audience.” With her digital-first ethos now in place, Al Amin’s approach is not just focused on getting the collection spot-on, but also considers how to make it resonate with her audience, and indeed broaden her customer base.

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Social platforms have proven to be a viable source of market research for Al Amin. “I learned that most customers loved my clothing, but they would only use them for special occasions due to the delicate textiles I was using and the higher prices. They wanted everyday pieces in my prints that required easier care at a reasonable cost. That was when Lulu Al Amin was born.” The brand’s diffusion line is now available via its online store but in the beginning the designer launched it at a pop-up event. “During the first 15 minutes I sold out almost 70% of the collection. Social media allowed me to interact with my clients and deliver to them what they wanted. The next step was to make my brand available to my worldwide clientele. A digital store was the answer.”

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The Bahraini designer is uniquely placed to bridge a gap between East and West aesthetics with her laissez-faire flair. Al Amin’s fashion CV includes working with Matthew Williamson and Browns and graduating from the highly-reputed Central Saint Martins. Now, the designer enlists people in her social orbit to reinterpret her designs with art, photography, and film projects. Dubai-based photographer Mashael Al Saie and Reem Fakhro of Bakery Blissful Temptations were the first to join the Lulwa Al Amin ‘window displays.’ Al Amin’s sister Maryam joins the fold this week with a short video that explores the high summer Lulu Al Amin collection. “Maryam has always had a love for theater. It was interesting to see how my collection inspired her to create the most magical setting,” Al Amin tells Vogue Arabia. “I have a long list of talents I want to work with, and I look forward to introducing them to my customers and the world.” Watch the video collaboration above.

Lulu Al Amin is available online via

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Fashion Forward in Less Than 60 Seconds

Fashion Forward returned to the palm tree-dotted Hai D3 for its ninth season last week. We’ve already brought you the main runway and backstage highlights, and now you can relive all of the action— from the front row to the streets— in less than sixty seconds in the video captured by Aqib Anwar for Vogue Arabia above.

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