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24 UAE Restaurants Serving Hearty Iftar and Suhoor Meals This Ramadan

Photo: Courtesy of Crowne Plaza Dubai Marina

Ramadan is officially here, and several places across the UAE have prepared themselves for the holy month with delightful iftars and suhoors. In the giving spirit of Ramadan, some spots have even taken on initiatives to give back to communities whether that’s by passing on vouchers, donating meals to the needy, or raising awareness on social issues.

Embrace the holy month with your family and friends with the UAE restaurants listed below, which offer some of the best iftar and suhoor meals around.

Paramount Hotel Dubai 

Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Hotel Dubai

Iftar at the Stage

Paramount Hotel Dubai has prepared its restaurant, The Stage, for an iftar with a wide array of choices from the buffet and live cooking stations. Guests can dine from the grill station, the Middle Eastern dishes section, and the international specialties section.

Suhoor at the Malibu Deck Pool Bar

What’s better than dining with a view? Fasters are invited to enjoy their suhoor meals at the Malibu Deck Pool Bar and Lounge with its dedicated California food truck and live BBQ station, as well as refreshing beverages.

Arabic Movie Special at the Paramount Screening Room

The Paramount’s Screening room will be providing entertainment via Arabic films after visitors indulge in their delicious iftar meals. Classic favorites will be screened throughout the month of Ramadan.

055 180 7559,

Address Beach Resort, Dubai

Photo: Courtesy of Li’Brasil

Iftar at L’Brasil

Combining Brazilian and Lebanese cuisines, the iftar at L’Brasil presents fasters with a wonderful meal including Ramadan drinks, hot and cold mezze, delicious main courses, and flavorful desserts. Hosted from sunset to 8pm, the restaurant’s iftar experience can be located at the Address Beach Resort in Dubai.

04 879 8866,

LPM Dubai

Photo: Courtesy of LPM

Dine away for iftar at LPM for an infusion of French Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines and an elegent experience with its Belle Époque-inspired decor. Each guest will begin with two starters followed by a main dish of their choosing, such as Butter Bean Dip with Aioli and Quinoa Crisps, Grilled Aubergine with Mozzarella and Prawns, Burrata with Cherry Tomatoes and Basil, Green Lentil Salad with Apple and Burnt Tomatoes, or Warm Prawns with Olive Oil and Lemon Juice.

04 439 0505,

Westin Hotel, Mina Seyahi, Dubai

Photo: Courtesy of Westin Mina Seyahi

Iftar and Suhoor at BABA Restaurant

Serving authentic Turkish cuisine, BABA restaurant invites fasters to enjoy delicacies for iftar and suhoor such as mixed grills, Borek, and Turkish sweets, and tea. Suhoor, in particular, will feature Chef Zulfikar’s specials including Akide Boregi, Calamari, and Sucuk Hellim.

04 511 7373,

Rove Hotel, Dubai 

Photo: Courtesy of Rove Hotels

Pass it On

Throughout the entire month of Ramadan, Rove Hotel in Dubai presents its’ ‘pass it on’ initiative as a contribution to the spirit of generosity that the holy month embodies. Every guest that purchases an iftar meal will receive a voucher for a second iftar that they can pass on to a fellow family member, friend, stranger, or simply somebody in need. The vouchers are redeemable across Dubai at any of The Daily restaurant outlets.

04 561 9999,

DoubleTree Hilton JBR, Dubai 

Photo: Courtesy of DoubleTree by Hilton

Iftar at Gastro Kitchen

Embark on a lovely iftar at the Garden of Gastro Kitchen with beautiful floral surroundings. From hot mezze and grills made at the live bar, to the famously known Lamb Ouzi dish and the fish catch of the day, the experience spells out ‘mediterranean dream’. The iftar is also accompanied by homemade desserts.

04 453 3333,

Moonrise, Dubai 

Photo: Courtesy of Moonrise

Homegrown restaurant Moonrise dedicates itself to an Omakese dining experience this Ramadan, wherein dishes are prepared at the counter in front of guests. For the holy month, Moonrise is offering its special multi-course menu with Middle Eastern touches—from a dish with strong flavorings of black truffle and bizar, to a dish pairing parmesan and truffle in reference to a cheese samboosa. Paying attention to the taste of the season, flavors of karak, saffron, and date syrup have also been introduced into the culinary experience. Venture into the selection of delectable dishes such as Dates & Foie Gras Puri with Saffron and Pineapple Chutney, the Miso Muhammara and Yuzu Stracciatella and the Syrian Sumac and Citrus Crudo, a Japanese hamachi that Founder/Chef Solemann Haddad and his culinary team have put together for this special occasion.

050 697 2946,

Hutong, DIFC, Dubai 

Photo: Courtesy of Hutong

Hutong’s iftar set menu will take fasters through a Northern Chinese palette of dishes. Breaking their fast with a date, guests will thereafter enjoy a delicious selection of main dishes reminiscent of Northern China such as Mushroom Soup Dumpling, Black Pepper Beef Bao, Wok-tossed Chicken with Laoganma Chilli Sauce and Roasted Peking Duck with Pancakes. Top it all off with some Arab-Chinese Date Pudding with hints of mandarin and spiced caramel.

04 220 0868,

Palazzo Versace, Dubai 

Photo: Courtesy of Palazzo Versace Dubai

Iftar at Giardino

Through a journey of Middle Eastern favorites along with international dishes and a live cooking station, Giardino has prepared an iftar full of flavor this Ramadan. With a buffet iftar and an al fresco inspired interior dining area, visitors will experience a fruitful Ramadan experience.

Family Style Iftar at Enigma

With an intense and flavorful Persian cuisine from dishes such as Sabzi Khordan, homemade Persian cheese, roasted Persian bread and much more, Enigma sets up iftar for guests to enjoy as a family. And of course, no meal is complete without desserts.

04 556 8888,

Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah, Dubai 

Photo: Courtesy of Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah

Ray of Hope

In collaboration with non-profit organization Ray of Hope and Emirati artist Abdulla Lutfi, Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah is taking the opportunity in the spirit of Ramadan to raise awareness about autism. Serendipitously, Ramadan this year also began on April 2, which happens to be World Autism Day. This month, Lutfi, who recently led classes to teach his unique way of drawing, will see an entire artwork in the shape of a fan on display at The Bay as a means of teaching visitors the importance of inclusivity and hope.

Iftar by the Sea

From 6.30-10pm each evening, the beachside of The Bay will provide a wide array of cuisines from Moroccan, Lebanese, Syrian, and more for iftar. Also on offer will be international cuisines with live cooking stations.

Suhoor on the Bay

Continuing on from 11pm-1.30am, there will also be a suhoor at The Bay with freshly prepared traditional dishes and Ramadan sweets and beverages accompanied by live Oud music.

04 777 2233,

W Dubai The Palm, Jumeirah, Dubai 

Photo: Courtesy of W Dubai

Akira Back Takeaway

For the fasters wishing to dine from the comfort of their homes, W Dubai offers Akira Back’s Takeaway sets as generous as 52 pieces per box. Rounding up delectable sushi sets that are perfect for sharing with family and friends, Akira Back combines Japanese and Korean cuisines.

058 971 6567,

SLS Dubai

Photo: Courtesy of SLS Dubai

Rooftop Iftar Tent

Guests this Ramadan can experience SLS Dubai’s breathtaking sky-high views while breaking their fast during iftar time. With a majlis seating and glowing lanterns, the Arab-inspired tent laced with gold will be hosting iftar with signature dishes such as lamb sharhat and pastilla, as well as main dishes including seafood with potatoes, lamb with apricot, quail with saffron, and more. Leave room for their desserts, which include of mango kunafa and pistachio baklava.

04 607 0757, 

St. Regis The Palm, Dubai

Photo: Courtesy of St. Regis The Palm

Iftar and Suhoor

Throughout the entire month of Ramadan, St Regis The Palm, Dubai will be serving an iftar buffet with incredible main dishes and desserts along with a suhoor at the Dip Pool Lounge from 9pm-3am. Diners can enjoy a selection of dishes from couscous to lamb and fish fillets, finishing off with Umm Ali, Turkish delight, kunafa and many more favorable sweets.

052 698 0526,

Ritz Carlton, DIFC, Dubai

Photo: Courtesy of Ritz Carlton DIFC

Iftar at Cara

Hosted at the hotel’s famed restaurant named Cara, Ritz Carlton at DIFC provides an iftar buffet filled with mixed grills, lamb chops, grilled sea bass, chicken and potatoes, saffron rice paired with lamb ouzi, and much more. Desserts include Turkish ice cream and traditional Arabic sweets.

04 372 2323,

Crowne Plaza, Dubai Marina, Dubai 

Photo: Courtesy of Crowne Plaza Dubai Marina

Lo+Cale Iftar

Fasters can break their fast with Lo+Cale’s international and Middle Eastern iftar buffet with live cooking stations. All the meanwhile, the views of Dubai Marina and JBR add to the experience. Guests get to choose between indoor and outdoor terrace seating.

054 997 8599, 

OSH La Mer, Jumeirah, Dubai

Photo: Courtesy of OSH Dubai

Dine away at OSH La Mer for a Central Asian cuisine with a Middle Eastern touch. The restaurant in La Mer, Jumeirah is hosting iftar this Ramadan with hot and cold mezze starter dishes leading up to the main dishes including a chicken cutlet, a vegetarian OSH or lamb kofta with a side dish of either French fries, Achichuk salad or Tandoori bread. This tasteful meal will further be washed down with seasonal drinks such as Jallab and Tamar Hindi.

055 963 6756,

Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Photo: Courtesy of Atlantis The Palm

Asateer Tent

Providing a variety of seating arrangements for guests such as Royal Majlis, VIP Majlis, Family Majlis, booths, and 100 dining tables, Atlantis The Palm presents their Asateer Tent with an iftar buffet as well as a suhoor night overlooking the Palm Island. The Asateer Tent also introduces theme nights for the buffets ranging from Moroccan, Lebanese, Persian, and Emirati cuisine.

04 426 2626, 

Coya Restaurant, Dubai and Abu Dhabi 

Photo: Courtesy of Coya

Have a filling iftar with Coya through its immersive Pervian culinary experience served from sunset until 7.30pm everyday of the holy month. With everything from their legendary creamy guacamole to their costillas de res beef ribs, guests will taste an array of Latin American food. The restaurant also has wholesome vegetarian options.

04 316 9600,

W Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

Photo: Courtesy of W Hotel Abu Dhabi

Iftar at Garage

From sunset to 9pm, dive in to a vibrant iftar with Garage and enjoy mouthwatering options such as cheese and zaatar manoushe, garlic labneh and prawn tart, New York style kunafa cheesecake and much more.

Suhoor at Skylight

W Abu Dhabi also offers a suhoor at Skylights ,where guests can enjoy live entertainment while indulging on a selection of delectable dishes from 10pm to 2am.

02 656 0000, 

Hakkasan, Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Photo: Courtesy of Hakkasan

Iftar at Hakkasan

From sunset to 8pm, the renowned restaurant will be celebrating the month of giving with a taste that is unique to the ordinary. They are offering a special Iftar menu of Cantonese dishes along with popular dishes the restaurant is known for. To name a few of the dishes, Hakkasan will serve dim sum including the Wagyu beef truffle puff and Chilean sea bass dumpling. They will also serve roast duck lettuce wrap and crispy beef as a segue into the mouth-watering main dishes including Wok Fry sesame walnut chicken and XO tiger prawn with pineapple.

02 690 7739,

St Regis, Abu Dhabi 

Photo: Courtesy of St. Regis, Abu Dhabi

Iftar at the Terrace on the Corniche

Fasters can break their fast through the selection of cuisines from as far as the Mediterranean, India, Italy, Indonesia, Jordan, Syria and more all while embracing the ambiance of spring weather on the terrace and elegant decor inside. From mouth-watering Indian specialties such as tandoori dishes, butter chicken, and paneer kadai to Middle Eastern Ouzi with Lamb and Shawarmas and Asian dishes such as stir-fried beef, yang chow fried rice, and Indonesian beef rendang and nasi goreng, St. Regis serves a culinary journey for Iftar.

Suhoor at Catch

Presenting an a la carte experience for its guests with a breath-taking outdoor garden experience accompanied with live music, Catch at St. Regis does not miss. The restaurant provides healthy fresh shrimps and eggplant caviar salad, special maki rolls, Arabic beef shawarma and main dish Argentinian prawn orzo. Desserts also take the prize with homemade traditional baklava accompanied with a scoop of creamy Greek yoghurt, sprinkled with pistachio.

Suhoor at Crystal Lounge

Lay back and relax at the Crystal Lounge in St. Regis Abu Dhabi. From comfortable seating and a selection of sweets, dates, and Turkish delights to Tchaba loose tea or barista coffee, guests are invited to spend Ramadan Suhoor glamorously.

02 694 4553,

Oberoi Beach Resort Al Zorah, Ajman

Photo: Courtesy of Oberoi Beach Resort Al Zorah

Iftar with a view is always a wise choice. At Oberoi Beach Resort in Ajman, diners can feast on hot and cold mezze starters and dishes such as Baladi salad, Cheese Roll Rakakat, Spinach Fatayer. Lamb Kibbeh, and Falafel. Delicious main dishes from around region include Moroccan Chicken Tagine, Charcoal Grill Lamb Chops with Rice Stuffed Marrow as well as Grilled Tiger Prawns with Harra Sauce, all while enjoying the scenic views and fresh breeze of the ocean.

06 504 4888,

Caya Restaurant, Sharjah 

Photo: Courtesy of Caya

From a delightful iftar introducing hot mezze and lentil soup to break fast with, Caya also also presents fasters with an array of main dishes that add a twist to Middle Easter/Mediterranean cuisine. Their baked creamy chicken mussakhan pasta is an example of one such twist to the traditional Palestinian mussakhan. Caya also provides a hearty suhoor including dishes such as croque madame, sourdough French toast and Suhoor special “shakshuka-ti” infusing a touch of olive oil, peppers, cumin and paprika, all accompanied by live Oud music to set the mood of the night right.

056 480 4682,

Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort, Fujairah 

Photo: Courtesy of Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort

Iftar at Views and Suhoor at Layali

A stay at Le Meridien offers guests promising views of the Indian Ocean from their hotel room windows as well as a range of delectable food for the holy month of Ramadan. Guests can enjoy panoramic views while indulging in a hearty buffet-style iftar menus comprides of hot and cold mezze, BBQ counters, juicy shawarma, juices, desserts, and more at Views restaurant. Suhoor at Layali also awaits visitors with an a La Carte menu filled with a wide array of selections to feast on.

09 244 9000,

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