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Playlists To Help You Start Your Fitness Challenge

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The Dubai Fitness Challenge is right around the corner! Many studies have found the effectiveness of a good playlist at the gym. So here are a few playlists that can help you wherever you are on your fitness journey. Whether you’re just getting started and need that song to get you motivated, or you’re a seasoned athlete who needs some focus to help you perfect that technique, there’s something for everyone on YouTube Music.


1. Running Tracks – 62 songs, 3 hours and 40 minutes that are bound to make you run.

2. Sweaty EDM Workout– Power your way through a serious workout session with these EDM and Trance hits.

3. Lose yourself- Channel your inner fire, drum up your self-belief and beat the odds with these rousing Rap tracks.


1. Hip-hop energy – High energy Rap for getting wild.

2. Khaleeji Rap- Discover the envigorating Khaleeji rap scene to get you pumped.

3. Classic R&B Energy- Feel alive with the biggest and baddest tracks from these 90s and 00s R&B superstars.


1. Dance Pop Fitness- Work up a sweat by singing, running or working out to these Dance Pop hits!

2. Powered Up Pop Thrills- Fight that flagging feeling with these upbeat Pop smash hits.

3. Party Arabic style- For those who can’t go without that Arabic beat.

4. 3 am Ya Sayad- Shaabi essentials to spark your energy before and at the gym.

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