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Queen Rania Remembers Queen Elizabeth: “She May Be the Queen of England, but I Think She Is the Queen to All of Us”


While the world continues to mourn the late monarch, Queen Rania went on record to share her experiences with Queen Elizabeth II.

During a conversation with ITV, the Queen of Jordan shared that she had always looked up to Queen Elizabeth, and her death serves as the “end of an era”. “She may be the Queen of England but I think symbolically she is the Queen to all of us,” Queen Rania shared, while also saying that “To me, she is the Queen of the world. Not only did she have an incredible impact during her lifetime, but in her passing she has unified the country. I have never seen such a sense of community and unity in this country as I see today. They came together and remembered what is most important, which is that they are all unified in their love for their country and their monarch.”

Queen Rania, currently in London for the funeral, also shared that she fondly thought of Queen Elizabeth, who she had met several times during her lifetime, as a “guiding hand”. “She always disarmed you because she knew that anybody around is going to be feeling a sense of deep awe and maybe a bit of panic when they meet Her Majesty.” And so Queen Elizabeth often relied on direct eye contact, a gentle smile, and a teasing joke to break the ice and make her guests feel more at ease. The royal continued on to mention that seeing the thousands of people queuing up to pay their respects to the Queen had been a “humbling” experience, and that the display reflected the “extremely strong” foundations the late monarch had laid for her people.


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Moving on to Britain’s new King, Queen Rania shared that her heart goes out to King Charles III. “I know how difficult it is to have to contend with a personal loss and the grief that comes with it, at the same time assume such a huge responsibility. He is incredibly intelligent, incredibly thoughtful, a very genuine person. He knows the issues deeply and cares deeply,” she elaborared. “I have no doubt the transition will be very very smooth and that he will assume his role. This is the time for him. He is the person best suited for this country at this time. And I think he is going to take Great Britain into the future.”

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