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King Charles and Kate Middleton Are “Closer Than Ever” Following Cancer Diagnoses

“Charles adores Kate and has so much respect for her and the courage she has shown in all of this,” a source told Vanity Fair. Find out more about King Charles and Kate Middleton’s special bond below.

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As the royal family and the rest of the world comes to terms with Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales’s shocking cancer diagnosis, there is a silver lining. Royal sources say that as well as being greatly encouraged by the public’s support as she undergoes cancer treatment, Kate has been spurred on by her father-in-law, King Charles.

Sources close to the family say Charles and his daughter-in-law are “closer than ever” after both being diagnosed with cancer. According to the Sun, Kate had a private lunch with Charles on Wednesday after filming the video message in which she revealed her devastating cancer diagnosis.

Charles is said to be in “regular daily touch” with Kate and Prince William.

“To be honest, he and William speak very regularly, but now the king calls daily to check in and make sure Catherine is doing OK,” a family friend told Vanity Fair.

King Charles, who announced he had cancer last month, is privately supporting the couple, who are on Easter holidays with their three children.

Charles was “100 percent behind” Kate’s unprecedented video message to the nation in which she revealed her cancer battle.

The royal family usually issue written statements, but the princess wanted to deliver the news herself in a more personal way. It is understood she wrote every word of the speech herself and delivered it in a single take. According to sources, she discussed her decision with her husband and her father-in-law and had the backing of both.

“She has always had a close relationship with Charles, but this has brought them so much closer,” said one family friend. “Charles adores Kate and has so much respect for her and the courage she has shown in all of this. He was fully behind her recording the message. He has been buoyed by the many messages of support he has received, and he knew that Kate would get the same support from the public.”

On Friday, after Kate shared her diagnosis with the world, Charles also released a public statement of support for his daughter-in-law, saying he is “so proud of Catherine for her courage in speaking as she did.”

William and Kate released a statement over the weekend, thanking the public for its outpouring of support. Both Charles and Kate were treated at the London Clinic in January, where the princess underwent abdominal surgery and the king had a procedure for an enlarged prostate. Both of their cancer diagnoses were unexpected and incidental findings–only discovered after surgery had taken place.

The double cancer diagnosis has come as a blow to the family who have only just come to terms with the king’s diagnosis and are now processing Kate’s.

One family source said the royal family’s mantra of “keep calm and carry on”’ will stand them in good stead. “It has been a very rocky few months and not how anyone envisaged 2024 taking off, but they are pragmatic and positive. The king is planning to return to public engagements possibly as soon as June.”

Kate’s return to work is less certain and will depend largely on how she copes with her treatment. Aides have said she is feeling well and has been doing some work from home. However, it is early days and the cumulative impact of the treatment could mean Kate is not able to return to work for some time while she recovers. “She has said her focus needs to be on recovery and that’s where it is,” said a source. “She will be back in time, but she needs this period for her recovery.”

The announcement was timed so that their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis had finished school for the Easter holidays when the news broke. Kate revealed in her message that it has taken time for her to come to terms with her diagnosis, and to tell each of her children in an age-appropriate way.

“As I have said to them, I am well and getting stronger every day by focusing on the things that will help me heal, in my mind, body, and spirits,” she said in her video message.

The family are staying in the UK for Easter as Kate undergoes preventative chemotherapy. While Buckingham Palace has not revealed details of King Charles’s treatment, both King Charles and Kate Middleton will travel to London regularly for medical appointments.

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