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Kate Middleton Has Been Spotted Out and About Amid Cancer Treatments

As Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, receives treatment for an unspecified cancer, she has reportedly canceled all upcoming appearances, and sightings of the mother of three have been so few and far between this year that conspiracy theories have sprung up about her whereabouts.

Thankfully, sources are now saying that the princess is at least well enough to take trips out of the house with her children, and by herself. Though she is receiving chemotherapy, People reports that the princess has been running errands, which seems to be a good sign.

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The latest public update about her health came from her husband, Prince William, who was visiting a hospital (during a charitable royal outing) when an administrator asked him “May I ask how Princess Kate is doing?”

“She’s doing well, thank you,” the prince replied, as seen in a video shared by Sky News.

The photo, posted on Facebook in April 2024, shows Prince William and Princess Kate with some of the staff of the bed and breakfast in Wales where they stayed while visiting the Brecon Beacons, a picturesque mountain range. The Duffryn Mawr Country House shared the photo on the one-year anniversary of their stay, writing in the post, “We were delighted to welcome William and Kate for a night here when they visited The Brecon Beacons. So kind and friendly, it was a pleasure to have them stay here.”

It doesn’t look as if they’ve posted anything from when the couple was actually there and don’t use the Facebook page all that often; I’d also speculate that, for safety reasons, the royals prefer not to have their exact whereabouts known when they’re not at a heavily guarded palace. So, don’t let the Russian misinformation machine (if that’s what we’re dealing with) take this photo and fool you with it. It is a new photo for the public, but it was taken 13 months ago.

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