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Kate Middleton’s Name Was Quietly Removed From the Trooping the Colour Website’s Official Schedule

Kate Middleton was quietly removed from the Trooping the Colour website’s official schedule. The mystery deepens….

Kate Middleton

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The various royal press shops have simply got to find a way to communicate with one another. One of the latest mysteries in the #WhereIsKate saga is that on March 5 observers noticed that the UK Ministry of Defense had claimed on its website that Kate Middleton would be attending the Trooping the Colour ceremony on June 8. Then, on the same day, it quickly and quietly scrubbed the claim after Kensington Palace announced that the princess’s attendance had not actually been confirmed, per Nieman Lab’s timeline.

What this tells royal watchers is that the Ministry of Defense, at some point, had good reason to believe that Kate would be at the Trooping the Colour ceremony. And it tells us that Kensington doesn’t yet know for sure whether she’ll be at the event or not. The update has got many wondering: Did Kensington Palace previously tell the Ministry of Defense that Kate would be at the ceremony, then change their minds? Or maybe the ministry was simply recycling text from the previous year and forgot to edit out mention of Kate Middleton.

In either case, Kensington Palace had said that Kate Middleton was likely to be absent from public duties until Easter, which is on March 31, per The Hollywood Reporter. But that is still a good two months before the Trooping the Colour.

Several moments over the past days have deepened curiosity around Kate Middleton’s whereabouts. There was the digitally altered Mother’s Day photo, whose editing was credited to “amateur photographer” Kate herself. Then, on March 11, the Daily Mail published a photo of Prince William in the car with a woman the outlet identified as Kate—except the image itself is incredibly grainy, and you can see only the side of her face, leading some to wonder whether it’s really Kate in the photo.

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