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Albania’s Crown Prince and Princess Announce Plan to Divorce

Albania’s Crown Princess Elia and Crown Prince Leka’s divorce has been finalized via a join announcement shared earlier this week.


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Crown Prince Leka II and Crown Princess Elia of Albania, the heads of the country’s monarchy, announced their plans to divorce via an Instagram statement on Tuesday, January 16, 2024. The couple married in 2016, and share a three-year-old daughter, Princess Geraldine. Prince Leka shared a statement written in Albanian on his Instagram announcing the parting of ways in the marriage, as well as the pair’s ongoing commitment to their daughter’s happiness, safety, and education.

Per one English translation of the statement, Prince Leka explained that “since the marriage has lost its function, they have decided to resolve it with mutual consent by starting the necessary legal procedures.”

Prince Leka, 41, was born into the royal family. Princess Elia, 40, was born Elia Zharaia and is an actor and singer. The two met in 2008, became engaged in 2010, and were married in 2016. Their daughter, born in October 2020, was named after her great-grandmother, the late Queen Geraldine.

According to Hello!, Elia also posted a statement to her own Instagram, then deleted it. Her account is currently set to private.

Per Hello!, Elia’s statement confirmed the news of the mutual decision to divorce, adding, “This is not at all a reality that makes me happy, as I believe in family values as the most precious thing! I would never have chosen for my daughter to grow up with separate parents, but sometimes separation is the only option. What matters most is that my baby girl experiences this moment as easily as possible. Thank you very much to all of you who wrote to me and gave me courage!”

Following the announcement of Princess Elia and Prince Leka’s divorce, thousands of well-wishers from the country and beyond have shared messages of comfort and support online.

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