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Alia Bin Omair

Founded in 2016, Alia Bin Omair is a contemporary Emirati jewelry label that seeks to combine art and fashion into luxurious wearable pieces. Designer Alia Bin Omair was born and raised in Dubai. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Communications from Dubai Women’s College, specializing in Graphic Design. After graduating from Dubai Women’s College as a graphic designer, Alia joined Damas Jewellery Academy where she pursued a diploma in jewelry design and production.

The introduction to design through her degree compelled Alia to further explore and break the boundaries of what is traditionally defined as design. The essence of Alia’s designs is to retain the raw feel of natural materials. She seeks to use objects, textures, and forgotten crafts that appeal to her style and are not conventionally used, shaping them into pieces that question the limitations of art and design.

The transition from graphic design to jewelry design was triggered by Alia’s interest in working with more tangible objects. She began with illustrating complex jewelry pieces and compiling detailed measurements and sketches of the designs. Alia soon found the confidence to move towards experimenting with different materials such as Niello and Frankincense.

In the future, Alia aims to work with different materials and objects from the UAE and seeks to find different creative forms of presenting it. This practice encourages a dialogue around the numerous substances found in the UAE that hold potential from the aspect of design and can substitute for other commonly used elements.

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