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This Fashion Enthusiast Is Spotlighting Her Late Mother’s Vintage Wardrobe in a Unique Way

Lakkis in Max Mara and Valentino. Photo: Leen Lakkis

In a heartfelt narration of a mother’s admiration for fashion, stylist Leen Lakkis has formulated a visual eulogy for her mother, who passed away six years ago from cancer, through a campaign named ‘Femme en Movement’. Translating to “woman on the move,” the campaign spotlights some of Lakkis’s mother’s most cherished vintage staples, which she frequently wore during her travels for treatment. The wardrobe highlights her changing approach to fashion, which was influenced by different cultural exposures. And most would agree that nothing keeps a loved one’s spirit alive more than their clothing, which carries their scent, stories, and memories.

Chanel shoes. Photo: Photo: Leen Lakkis

Also featuring portraits of Lakkis’s mother in her favorite garments, the campaign praises bold color combinations and out-of-the-box designs created by the industry’s greatest icons, including Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Saint Laurent, Chanel, MiuMiu, and Valentino. “Through Femme En Mouvement, I was able to revive the early 2000s from my late mother’s unique pieces, all while optimistically looking at the present moment,” Lakkis elaborates.

Without having to express herself through words, Femme en Movement honours Lakkis’s mother using timeless, much-loved pieces that promise to forever make a statement. Lakkis’s mother communicated her love for fashion by purchasing pieces she hoped her children would one day wear with pride, and this photo series brings her vision to life. “My mother is my everyday muse,” Lakkis says. “Her endless love and evolving taste in fashion left a huge mark in my everyday life. She’s my inspiration behind everything I do, and all what I want in the world.”

Photo: Leen Lakkis

Through this campaign, Lakkis hopes to portray her mother’s restless dedication to fashion and her belief in its power to uplift one’s spirits. She released it in October 2021, coinciding with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and hopes to echo the importance of early prevention. “The cause has always meant a lot to me and my surroundings, so I took this opportunity to express my unlimited love to my late mother along with the fight towards awareness for cancer in general,” Lakkis says. Makeup: Glam by Sher   Photographer: Zvisions_   Location: DarZefta

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