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UAE Government Approves Emergency Use of Covid-19 Vaccine for Frontline Workers

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Oncology nurses in the infusion center, where treatment cannot stop. Photo: Vidhyaa Chandramohan

The UAE Government has approved of the usage of the Covid-19 vaccine on frontline workers in an emergency. On Monday, the Minister of Health and Prevention, Abdul Rahman Al-Owais revealed that the findings of the final stages of Phase of III of the clinical trials showed that the vaccine was effective, and successful in generating antibodies to the virus.

Al-Owais stated that the vaccine would be available for the “first-line-of-defense heroes, who are most at risk of catching Covid-19, protecting them from any danger that they may be exposed to due to the nature of their work.” He also added, “This emergency use of the vaccine is fully and completely compatible with the regulations and laws that allow a faster review of licensing procedures.”

The vaccine was developed by China-based pharmaceutical company Sinopharmin. Phases I and II were conducted successfully and the UAE was chosen for Phases III of human testing. The trial began earlier this year, in July in conjunction with Abu Dhabi-based company G42 Healthcare and the Abu Dhabi government. This is now one of 26 vaccines in the world that have reached the human trials stage.

Dr Nawal Al-Kaabi, Chairperson of the National Clinical Committee for Coronavirus said that around 31,000 volunteers, including 125 nationalities, had taken part in the clinical trials. The trials were conducted over a period of six weeks. Speaking in detail about the vaccine, she said, “The preliminary results are encouraging, however, studies will continue. Side effects are simple and come as expected just like any other vaccine. No dangerous side effects or symptoms have been reported.” The vaccine was also tested on 1,000 volunteers who suffer from chronic diseases, where no complications were reported.

Dr Al-Kaabim thanked the volunteers who took part in the “very positive” clinical trials and said, “The initial results are encouraging in terms of the presence of antibodies in the body.”

The major announcement of the vaccine comes as the UAE recorded 777 new coronavirus cases on Monday, September 14.

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