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In a Rare Statement, Queen Rania Responds to Criticism of her Wardrobe


On January 2nd, Queen Rania Al-Abdullah’s office released an official statement regarding recent criticisms of the royal’s wardrobe.

The statement argues that the estimates released by many foreign blogs in the past year surrounding the plethora of designer pieces the Queen dons on a day-to-day basis are massively exaggerated for the sake of sensationalism. While the Queen is open to criticism and views it as an integral part of any state’s operation, the issued statement sought to clarify that such falsified statements come at the Queen’s expense and went on to shed light on the actuality of the matter.

“As her majesty has sought to represent Jordan properly, she has consistently maintained a balance between that and the moderation of spending. The vast majority of her majesty’s clothing is either loaned to her by the role of fashion, or presents as gifts, or purchased at reduced preferential rates, while the blogs in her estimates are based on the “market value” Which creates the wrong impression and contrary to reality,” the office posted on the Queen’s Facebook page.

While most of the clothes she wears are either borrowed by fashion houses, offered as gifts, or are bought at reduced preferential prices, the statement points out that the discussion of her wardrobe takes away from what the Queen does in various other fields.

While issuing such a statement is out of the ordinary for the office of the Queen, the absence of facts made it pivotal for a response to ensure more fruitful debates.

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