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The Most to Least Organized Zodiac Signs, Ranked

Vogue Arabia, December 2019. Photo: Mann

The most organized zodiac signs are a breed apart—they are ones meticulously color-coding everyone’s schedules to figure out when that long-pending holiday can finally happen and what meal plan would suit everyone’s dietary preferences. While it may seem like their perfect array of car air fresheners is silently shaming you for those croissant crumbs clinging to your collar, we all need the most organized zodiac signs in our lives to inspire us to do better—and here’s where you can find one:


It would be easy to label Virgos as the control freaks of the zodiac, but it pays to note that their detail-oriented drive for perfectionism flows outwards for the ones they love, whether it is plugging your phone in to charge while you’re in the shower or reordering your favorite potato chips before they run out.


Organized, disciplined and driven to achieve their goals, this sign functions in the binary of black and white—if it doesn’t slot in neatly on their mental Excel sheet, they have no place for it in their lives.


In pursuit of the finer pleasures of life, this sign considers their surroundings as a reflection of themselves—the thought of having bowls piled up in the sink or dirty clothing littering the floor is akin to being caught by their nemesis in a ratty old T-shirt at the grocery store.


This deeply nurturing sign unsurprisingly has a maternal instinct towards their loved ones—which translates into ensuring that the home is a warm, cozy cocoon of tranquillity that no one will ever want to leave.


It might seem like this dreamy sign is lost in their own fantasy world, but the few times that they do emerge, they like to ensure that their internal world is kept in peace by ensuring that their outer world reflects the same.


It would make poetic sense that Gemini falls in the middle of the spectrum—not color-coordinated enough to earn a seat with the Virgos but not messy enough either to be inked into Marie Kondo’s bad books. Comme ci, comme ça, eh?


As a sign that thrives in balance, it comes as a surprise that Libras do not necessarily seek the same sense of harmony in their surroundings. While they can clean up well, it takes a village to get them to put their mind to it.


With a heart of fire and a head full of dreams, this sign doesn’t intentionally let clutter collect around them. But their tendency to put things off for later can mean that they nudge an errant sock under the bed instead of dealing with it right away.


Your mental lockbox is neatly compartmentalized with all the secrets you are holding on to for other people and all the receipts that you are waiting to produce at just the right moment, but your wardrobe or your cubicle at work? Perhaps not so much.


As someone driven by the mission of making a good first impression, you’d expect Leo’s home and hearth to be a reflection of their sparkling personality. However, their unwillingness to let go of that trophy they had once won at an elementary handball contest means that they are clinging to their fair share of physical—and emotional—clutter.


While this philosophical sign has grand plans for changing the world, their immediate surroundings can often get neglected—further compounded by the fact that wanting to impress others doesn’t rank high on their list of priorities anyway.


The world is their oyster and they cannot let the mundanities of everyday life anchor them down. In the quest for the next big holiday and the next great adventure, their immediate surroundings can often fall into neglect.

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