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What Type of Friend Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign?

Vogue Arabia, July/August 2022. Photo: Nishanth Radhakrishnan

While it may be a tad strange to try and gauge what kind of friend you are according to your zodiac sign, it is a universally known fact that making and maintaining friendships in adulthood isn’t as easy as it once was while sharing your lunchbox on the playground. It isn’t preposterous to believe that certain personality traits could be helping you attract like-minded souls. If you are looking to lean into your strengths, here’s a peek at the type of friend you are according to your zodiac sign and why people turn to you in the friend circle:

Aries: The maker of last-minute plans

Whenever the monotony of everyday life gets overwhelming, people turn to you to bring the spunk back into their lives. Whether it’s a last-minute road trip or sneaking everybody into a sold-out concert, your passion gets the party going.

Taurus: The lender of sympathetic ears

Your inherent loyalty and steadiness ensure that your friends seek you out when life gets difficult. You are the rock in everyone’s life, hearing them out without judgement and giving them a safe space to feel all their feelings.

Gemini: The one-person stand-up comedy show

The social butterfly of the zodiac wheel, you flutter from one group to the other, leaving a trail of hilarity in your wake. The challenges of everyday life somehow don’t feel so insurmountable when your friends have you around to find the bright side in sticky situations.

Cancer: The designated mom of the group

As one of the most maternal signs of the zodiac, your nurturing nature has you watching your friends’ backs, providing them with a shoulder to lean on and, when needed, going into mother hen mode to avenge any wrongdoings towards your closest.

Leo: The giver of the best gifts

As a natural leader, you always know what’s best for everybody and this shows in how you express affection with gifts—whether it is knowing exactly which LBD your friend has her eye on but is too shy to try, or knowing when to oust her from the nest so she can go out and experience life.

Virgo: The admin extraordinaire of every group chat

Your inherent problem-solving nature means that you are the one assuming the reins of the actual plan-making of Aries’ grand ideas. Sending out invites, detailing who is to be picked up and where, making sure the trains are running on time—that’s you, Virgo, the glue holding the group together—even if somebody else gets all the credit.

Libra: The 4 AM what-does-life-even-mean conversation buddy

Your romantic soul means that the magic of an adult friendship is no different than falling in love. When you first connect with someone, it is usually the same heady rush of inside jokes, little gestures of affection—maybe some surprise desserts being delivered to their desk in the middle of the workday—and late-night conversations pondering the meaning of life.

Scorpio: The keeper of secrets

Your ride-or-die approach to friendship makes your pals feel comfortable letting you in on their secrets, knowing that you’ll take them to your grave. Your inner intuition also means that you pick up on what your friends aren’t telling you and know exactly how to draw them out into sharing their burdens with you.

Sagittarius: The party starter

Life is one long adventure for you, Sagittarius, and when your friends are along for the ride, they know they are in for a great time. From helping your friends break curfew as teens to nudging them into stepping out of their comfort zones as adults, there’s no knowing where the night may end when someone is with you.

Capricorn: The until-death-do-us-part friend

Persistent and practical in equal measure, you don’t let people in easily, but when you do, you are in it for the long haul. Even if time, distance and last-minute cancelled plans come in the way of staying in touch, when your friends need you, it will be like nothing has changed.

Aquarius: The no-strings-attached friend

Friendship, for you, is a voluntary arrangement and your innate understanding of the need for personal space means that you aren’t stirring up drama in the group chat over every blue-ticked message or cancelled lunch. But despite being a low-maintenance friend, you are there for your friends in their time of need—they might just need to come find you first.

Pisces: The possessor of endless empathy

Imaginative and compassionate, if FBI agents could harness your supernatural intuition, they might discover the answer to world peace. The first one to sniff out any signs of trouble, you know exactly what your friends’ cryptic ‘I like walking in the rain because no one can see I’m crying’ posts mean and exactly how many pints of ice cream they need when they say everything is alright.

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