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The Zodiac Signs’ Best Traits—Are You Confident, Loyal or Philosophical?

March 2019, Vogue Arabia. Photo: Féliz Valiente

You are likely well-versed with the fact that the zodiac signs’ best traits bode strengths and weaknesses in equal measure, whether you are a devoted follower of astrology or your interest in the cosmic realm doesn’t extend beyond idly flicking through your horoscope. If you are looking to show up as your strongest self, here are the zodiac signs’ best traits to lean into:

Aries: Courage

As the first sign in the zodiac lineup, it should come as no surprise that Aries is always ready to dive headfirst into a challenge. This up-and-at-’em attitude means that you don’t let life’s setbacks keep you down for long—there’s always a new mountain to be conquered!

Taurus: Stable

As an earth sign, the bull of the zodiac sphere is known to remain grounded, practical and responsible. A steady constant in everyone’s lives, this sense of dependability is what helps your friends lean on you when the going gets tough.

Gemini: Outgoing

The twins of the zodiac universe have a refreshing duality that makes them attract people like a magnet. Inquisitive yet adaptable, playful yet sensitive—that’s you, Gemini! Some might call you indecisive but this sense of curiosity for what the world has to offer next means that things will never get stale.

Cancer: Loyal

With an emotional register that is dictated by passion, warmth and a nurturing spirit, a Cancer is as loyal as the day is long. The homebody of the zodiac wheel, your loved ones feel a sense of belonging when they are with you.

Leo: Confidence

Outgoing, cheerful and theatrical—nobody could ever accuse Leo of lack of confidence! You know what you want in life and you are unabashed in your quest to get it done. The world might think that you thrive on being the centre of attention but it is obvious that the spotlight loves you.

Virgo: Perfectionism

If you want something done, call anybody. But if you want it done right, call a Virgo. Methodical, meticulous and detail-oriented to a fault, the world is in disarray and it is clearly only your diligence that can set it back in order.

Libra: Balance

Harmony and peace assume top billing on your zodiac sign’s calling card, and with good reason. Symbolised by the scales, you are known for your sense of fairness and justice that drives you to establish equilibrium in all aspects of your life.

Scorpio: Passionate

Among the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac, what the world sees as aggressive and confrontational is actually your deep-rooted passion for standing up for the underdog. There are no laurels for fighting others’ battles for them, but your deeply passionate nature means that you won’t go down without a fight.

Sagittarius: Spontaneous

As a fire sign, your quest for knowledge is destined to take you to great places. A wandering spirit, your nonconformist personality doesn’t put down roots easily—not when there’s a whole wide world to be discovered.

Capricorn: Consistent

Methodical, practical and determined, there is no deterring a Capricorn once they have a goal in their sights. Not one for small talk and vain flattery, this quest for keeping things real means that your inner circle is small but loyal.

Aquarius: Philosophical

Don’t let the ‘aqua’ in its moniker fool you. This airy sign is not one to get tied down with arbitrary ideals. At the risk of earning a reputation as detached and aloof, this analytical and innovative sign would rather stand at the fringes of the crowd instead of following the herd.

Pisces: Romantic

Yes, Pisces tends to see the world through rose-coloured glasses but your hopelessly romantic soul is grounded in a deep sense of intuition, sensitivity and empathy which helps you connect with people on a deeper level beyond what the world sees.

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