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Your Weekly Horoscope: February 21, 2022 to February 27, 2022

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Artwork: Rohan Hande

As we step into the waning cycle of the moon this week, dissolution shows up as a big theme. What are you being asked to let go of? What are you being asked to make space for? Continue to reflect on these themes in your life as you practice the art of non-attachment. You are where you are supposed to be, beautiful, and everything is unfolding for a higher reason. So, what does the week ahead have in store for each of the signs? Let’s explore.



We all want to be with someone who shows up for us consistently. We all want a partner who isn’t afraid to stand by our side through the bad times. What you are blessed with right now is a rare and precious connection, Aries. So, take a moment to express your gratitude towards the divine forces. On the professional front, this is a big week for you. You are now closer to that big promotion than you’ve ever been. Hold the vibration of what you are creating in your heart.



This week, you are tapping into the Divine Feminine. The nurturing one. The protective one. The intuitive one. The one who is gifted with the ability to bring joy and beauty into the world. The one who understands the art of aesthetic, and considers refinement as a prayer to the mysterious forces above. Your creative side is also likely to come to the fore. So stay in the energy of play and allow what is yearning to be expressed without being hung up on the outcome.



But, who are you if not who you have been told to be? Don’t be in a rush to answer that question, Gemini. Don’t be in a rush to confine yourself to those seemingly alluring boxes. You are where you are supposed to be, and you are in the process of discovering yourself. Revel in the journey rather than being hung up on the destination. PS: This could be the start of something brand new, beautiful.



It’s not about how others perceive you, Cancer. It never was. The real question is: how do *you* feel about yourself? This week, the cards are urging you to pause and look back at the trajectory of your life. Pay attention to the many breakthroughs that helped you become the person you are today. Moving ahead armed with inner wisdom will make you the most invincible version of yourself. What’s more, the opportunity to move or travel may also arise. If the thought of the destination brings a smile to your face, book your tickets right away!



Leo, you’ve always been a misfit at heart. The one who feels a deep connection with nature. The one who whispers sweet nothings to the stars. This week, you are tapping into your inner priest(ess). The shamanic force within. The wise one who understands the interconnectedness of everything in existence. Some of you may feel guided to delve deeper into the esoteric and the divine arts as well. Find a teacher who can unlock the portal of the mysterious realms.



You’ve been indulging in all kinds of excesses, Virgo. You’ve been prioritising the outer world over your inner temple. No wonder you’re feeling exhausted on every level! This week, you’re being called to strike a balance. To find that middle ground between the material and the spiritual. So, pause and breathe. Meditate, look within and make time for self-care practises. Slowly and steadily, the noises will begin to fade. Slowly and steadily, you will begin to move deeper and deeper within the self.



When was the last time you sat down with yourself, Libra? When was the last time you sipped on a cup of tea leisurely and watched the sun go down? This week, you’re being asked to take a step back from the madness and focus on nurturing your inner temple. Some of you may feel called to connect with your spiritual side as well. Remember, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to commune with the divine forces. Find a practice that feels authentic to you and awakens a feeling of tranquillity within.



Birth, death, and dissolution—and so the cycle of life continues. What are you being asked to let go of? What are you being asked to make space for? Remember, clearing the cache is an integral part of the creation process. Oh, and one more thing! Don’t let panic get the better of you. You are where you are supposed to be, and this moment is perfect despite its many imperfections.



The Universe is not obliged to make us comfortable at all times! The Universe is not obliged to give us what we have asked for if it doesn’t serve our higher purpose. So trust the cosmic intelligence, Sagittarius. Allow what is coming undone to come undone as you become a witness. Remembering that creation is preceded by chaos will help you get through this.



What do you do when the facts and figures don’t add up? What do you do when there is a great unrest emanating from within you? Your instinct seldom lies, Capricorn. So make a conscious effort to stay in your centre, but don’t reject what your gut is telling you. This will help you take necessary action and prevent further damage.



Aquarius, you’ve always been the misfit of the crew. The one who rejects the rules and finds their own way to connect with the cosmic consciousness. So don’t get lost in the scriptures. Don’t let others tell you what is and isn’t ‘real’. Connect with your inner guide, listen to your intuition and trust direct experience above everything else. Something tells us the revelations you are about to have this week will transform how you approach your purpose.



This week, you’re raising a toast to all the things that didn’t work out. You’re expressing your gratitude towards the Universe for the plans that fell apart. The experience was uncomfortable when it was unfolding, yet it made you the person that you are today. Now, approach your current set of challenges with the wisdom of your past. You are bigger and better than this, Pisces. There is no reason you won’t make it to the other side this time around!

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