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Your Weekly Horoscope: May 9, 2022 to May 15, 2022

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Artwork by Rohan Hande

The thing is, we want to get to the *good part*. We want to skip the messy bits in the middle because of the discomfort this stirs up. But transformation is not an overnight process. It’s a lifelong journey that involves peeling layer after layer. Don’t shy away from doing the inner work at this time. If there’s anything eclipses teach us, it’s that our circumstances must be honoured as catalysts for quantum shifts in our lives. 

Gemini, you may find yourself playing the role of the healer or fixer this week. But every time you convince yourself that your self-worth depends on how much you give to others, pause and take a look at where this belief is stemming from. Sagittarius, things are unlikely to go as per your timelines, and that can only be a good thing. Perfect the art of surrender. Cancer, watch your need to be productive all the time. By cultivating inner stillness, you will find your answers.

So, what does the week ahead have in store for the rest of the signs? Let’s find out!



Given that we’re in the midst of the eclipse tunnel, you may have a hard time trusting your intuition, and that’s okay. Instead of trying to chase the answers, let the answers come to you. What you can do on your part is practice mindfulness and set time aside each day to meditate. On the upside, the opportunity to invest in a new project could come your way…perhaps the urge to redirect your energy towards a venture of your own. Your heart already knows what’s right for you. Let your mind follow suit.



You’re feeling like your most adventurous self this week, Taurus. You want to take all kinds of chances without worrying about what your actions will lead to. Let ‘carpe diem’ become your mantra, beautiful. For some of you, the opportunity to take a road trip may also come up. Don’t waste too much time weighing the pros and cons. Give yourself the permission to say ‘yes’ and figure it all out as you go along. What you don’t want to do: accept every offer that comes your way on the professional/creative front. Learning to be discerning with your time and energy is the best gift you can give yourself.



We get it, Gemini. There are always more things to do. More people to heal. More lives to fix. Beware of your tendency to play martyr during the course of the eclipse season. Everybody has an intelligence of their own and will figure out how to navigate the trials and tribulations synonymous with this portal. Here are a couple of things you want to remember: boundaries are a form of self-care, and sometimes saying no to others means saying yes to yourself.



In our daily lives, we don’t give ourselves the chance to pause, breathe and simply be with our thoughts. Given that we’re in the midst of eclipse + retrograde season, escapism may become your preferred choice of intoxicant. When you find yourself escaping the mundane, gently bring your attention to the here and now. By turning your gaze inwards you will be able to break the patterns of the past with loving awareness. Communication issues could also come up unexpectedly. We know you’re somewhat of a mind-reader, Cancer. However, you will never be privy to *every* thought that runs through the mind of the other person. Drop the need to play games and ask for the clarity you are seeking.



It’s one of those times when everything is perfect in your life. Your career seems to be progressing at the right pace and your interpersonal relationships are a source of joy and bliss. But this mind of ours is quite the trickster, Leo! It has a way of creating complications, especially when there is nothing to worry about. Could this be true in your case too? Are you letting the fluctuations negatively affect you? It’s time to break free from the self-imposed prison. It’s time to remind yourself that you are where you need to be and that everything is unfolding in the way that it should.



This is the week to be your own stylist, to up your red carpet game and take the kind of risks that you were once deemed as inappropriate. Channel your inner rule-breaker, Virgo. The art of self-expression will help you discover new layers of yourself. On the interpersonal front, you’re being asked to strike a balance between how much you give yourself, and how much you give others. As a service-oriented sign, prioritizing your own needs doesn’t always come easy to you. The good thing is, you can take one step at a time.



We get it, Libra! You’ve been cultivating self-love for some time now. You’re finally at a point in your journey where you’re able to be by yourself without feeling like you’re missing out on something or someone. But, the Universe has an uncanny way of operating, does it not? Just when you give up on romance, the opportunity to get cozy with somebody could come up. Don’t go around intellectualizing your feelings. What you want to do instead: open yourself to the possibilities of what you can co-create. Know that it’s safe for you to open your heart.



Now, now, Scorpio! Don’t be a know-it-all, because you don’t know it all. Brainstorm with the team. Give others a chance to speak up. Remember, you don’t want to sabotage the opportunity to learn new things as you go along. Oh, and one more thing! Make sure you’re not spending *all* your time at the drawing board. This chapter of your life requires action + initiative. The perfect time to set things into motion is now.



This is the week to channel your inner flower child, listen to The Beatles, and embrace the rhythm and flow of life. Everything is as it should be and everything is perfect in this moment. Even the so-called disturbances are serving a higher purpose. Remember, you’re only able to perceive your life through a keyhole. The Universe knows what’s best for you and will provide you with the exact circumstances required for your growth and development.



Oh, but there will always be more landmarks to cross and goals to achieve, Capricorn! But, you don’t want your obsession with staying on top of things to come in the way of the domestic bliss you are being offered right now. This is the week to prioritize conscious coupling. To make time for what brings you happiness and spend time with those who bring you joy. It’s never about the landmark moments, is it? It’s about the private moments that remind you that you are where you need to be and that you have the divine support that is required.



There’s oh-so-much to be grateful for, Aquarius! Oh-so-much to appreciate in the world around you. This week, you’re getting a platinum membership to the high vibe tribe and spreading joy to those around you. Things on the love and romance front are also looking good for you. The cards are talking about a serendipitous encounter that could bring you and your soulmate together. Remember, there’s only so much the Universe can do on your behalf. So, take on a more proactive role. Tell them about your dreams and visions for the future and how you’d like to build a life together. 



Pisces, you’re one of those rare and precious souls that has been granted ‘the gift’, one that renders you with divine perception + the ability to look beyond the veil. On the downside, it brings to the surface all kinds of insecurities. You often have trouble trusting your own intuition. What the Universe is opening for you this month: a power portal of transformation. So, leave the self-doubt behind, beautiful, as you give yourself the permission to remember who you are, and as you fully embrace your power.

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