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Your Weekly Horoscope: March 7, 2022 to March 13, 2022

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Artwork: Rohan Hande

“To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax, and float.” A beautiful Alan Watts quote that perfectly sums up that Pisces season feeling. This week, instead of swimming upstream, let’s give in to the flow. Let’s surrender as an act of bravery and replace all forms of trepidation with faith. You are held, you are supported, and you will always be carried back to the shore. So, what does the week ahead have in store for each of the signs? Let’s explore!



Nothing is inherently good or bad, Aries. It’s our perception of right and wrong that colors our reality. So, just for today, let go of the judgments. Just for today, accept everything you are being shown without going into a space of resistance. Surrendering is not for the faint-hearted. It’s not for those who live in fear either. It’s for those who walk their path courageously with the inner knowing that they’re held and supported, no matter what.



You’ve got that big goal energy about you this week, and it’s making you oh-so-irresistible! So, where do you see yourself in ten years, and how do you plan to make your way there? Keep the long-term goal in mind as you set your intentions for the rest of the year, Taurus. What the cards want you to know is that you are on the right track, making a difference and calling in the abundance you truly deserve.



We sense a wake-up call being sent your way this week, one that could shatter your illusion of the world as you know it. But, nothing is inherently good or bad. It simply is. Recognizing order in chaos will liberate you in a multitude of ways. Here’s what you need to reflect upon when things fall apart around you: How can you rebuild your life *and* your career on a stronger foundation?



We sense chaos with a capital ‘C’, Cancer, the kind that is likely to shake the very foundation of your life. Here are a few things you want to remember when everything seems to be going against the plan: 1. The Universe is under no obligation to keep you comfortable. 2. Growth seldom takes place within the confines of our comfort zone. 3. Learning to become one with the flow rather than resisting it will change the course of your life.



This is a time of new beginnings and significant changes. This is a time of following the stirrings of your heart even if it is leading you towards an unknown direction. Some of you are being asked to make adjustments in your professional life too. Take a moment to reexamine your beliefs, Leo, especially the ones that are limiting your growth. You are the architect of your reality and you get to create a path for yourself that is both financially abundant and creatively satisfying.



Nostalgia is a big theme in the Virgo HQ. You’re actively reconnecting with your old friends and making time for your siblings too. How do you feel called to deepen these bonds? Reflect upon this in the days to come. But that doesn’t mean everything is going to be picture-perfect in your reality. There will be good days and bad days and chaotic days too. Knowing where you end and where others begin will keep you from losing your sense of balance.



It’s easy to show up for who and what you love when everything is going as per the plan. But what do you do when you face obstacles, or when things refuse to progress at the pace you’d like them to? Do you continue to walk the path with grace, or repeat the failure narrative? ‘Consistency’ is the magic word, Libra, one that will help take your career to the next level. Oh, and one more thing! Trust the flow of abundance as well. A steady source of income will provide respite from your financial woes.



Love at first sight is overrated, Scorpio. Sometimes, it takes a while of knowing somebody to recognize the depth of your connection. To recognize how close you truly are on a soul level. The discovery you’re about to make this week will strengthen the foundation of your relationship. On the career front, we see a level up. A position of authority, if you may. So lead by example, beautiful, as you turn your knowledge into wisdom.



The trouble is, we get too hung up on the outcome of things. Every time we experience the magic of a connection, we want to label it or put it into a neat little box that has been constructed by Society. But, what if you changed your approach a little? What if you chose to live in the moment and recognize what you’re being offered is a portal to the Divine? You are exactly where you need to be and everything in your life will unfold as per the sacred plan.



Nothing significant can be achieved by remaining within the confines of your comfort zone. So, break a rule. Shatter the illusion. Challenge yourself to venture into a new territory, one that is unexplored. Growth and expansion await you, Capricorn. Some of you may be thinking about spontaneous travel too. Your instinct is leading you in the right direction. Trust it and allow yourself to discover new aspects of yourself in the process.



Labels are just labels, Aquarius. They don’t define anything. They certainly don’t reveal how close you are to somebody on a soul level. So, celebrate this connection for what it is and the joy it is bringing into your life today. In due course of time, you will find the answers you’re seeking. As such, this is a period of laughter and revelry. You or somebody close to you could be getting ready to tie the knot or celebrate a significant anniversary.



You’re not broken and you don’t need to be fixed. Bring the gift of acceptance to the table, Pisces. Love all the parts of you, not just the ones you consider palatable. Our journey towards the light can only begin when we start integrating the shadow aspects of ourselves. As such, the cards are also encouraging you to bring more play, music and movement into the narrative. To laugh that deep guttural laugh and to sway to the cosmic rhythm. You are joy and you are love. Everything you are seeking already exists within.

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