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Your Weekly Horoscope: June 6, 2022 to June 12, 2022

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Artwork by Rohan Hande

Our relationship status with change can best be described as ‘complicated’. When we’re in a space of stagnation, we stay up late at night longing for it to come knocking at our door. Yet, every time that change is imminent, we play hard to get. We make all kinds of excuses to stay confined to our comfort zone. Could this be true in your case too? Have you been playing the role of the elusive lover off-late? The collective message this week is to welcome the invitation to shake things up a little. To turn to your inner GPS for guidance rather than following the tried-and-tested route. PS: It’s going to be a wild ride through the multiverse and back!

So, what does the week ahead have in store for each of the signs? Let’s explore.


aries-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaWhat if you were being prepared, not punished? What if every divine detour brought you to this point in your existence? You are stepping into a glorious time in your life, Aries. A time of walking through the portal of hope and miracles. A time of watching your dreams come to fruition. So, step back and allow. Step back and allow, beautiful. Following the path of least resistance will facilitate the seamless manifestation of your desires.


taurus-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaExpect a major level up this week when it comes to your career and professional pursuits, Taurus. This could manifest in the form of a raise, a promotion or a new job offer altogether. Let curiosity lead the way. Give yourself the permission to explore the unexplored. By letting go of your rigid notions of how things should or shouldn’t be, you create space for life to take you by surprise.


gemini-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaIt’s easy to make the other person the villain in your story. But the truth is, you have the tendency to play the toxic friend/lover too. This week, you’re being asked to hit the pause button, Gemini. To pay attention to what’s going on beneath the surface. The gift of loving awareness will help you transmute the shadows and create space for a healthy partnership. Remember, you don’t have to do this alone. Leaning on your therapist will provide you with the perspective you need at this time.


cancer-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaStep back and breathe, Cancer. Breathe out the stress, the tension, and the anxiety. Exhale everything that’s weighing you down. And then, when you feel ready, breathe in the joy and fill yourself with all the good juju the cosmos has to offer. You are at a turning point in your journey. Everything gets better from here. So, trust the signs and keep moving forward. Remembering that you are the co-creator of your destiny and that the Universe is on your team will help you bring ease and flow back into the narrative.


leo-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaNothing in our lives is truly random. The Law of Synchronicity brings forth the exact circumstances required for our growth and evolution. So trust the doors that are being opened for you, Leo. Trust what you’re being asked to embrace and trust what you’re being asked to release too. You’ll look back at this period as a turning point in your life. As such, you’ll find that your psychic abilities are heightened at this moment. That you’re receiving more divine downloads than you ever have. Make a conscious effort to note down the given insights without trying to rationalize the process.


virgo-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaHello, and welcome to Gemini season! A time of tapping into your inner maverick. A time of letting curiosity pull us in multiple directions. We get it, Virgo. The thrill of exploring the unexplored is one that cannot be put into words. But, do you really want to try to balance everything at once? The cards are guiding you to practise discretion. To invest in the projects that are in alignment with your long-term goals. Having a crystal clear vision about the future will prove to be your biggest asset.


libra-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaWe get it, Libra! Life hasn’t always been kind towards you. The good thing is, you’re consciously rewriting the story. You’re approaching life from a space of openness and saying yes to everything that it has to offer. You’re ready to take more chances. You’re ready to fall in love 100 times. You’re ready to go all in, to nurture deep connections, and to build a life together with your partner-in-crime. What the Universe is whispering in moments of silence: It’s going to turn out better than you imagine!


scorpio-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaYou’re not looking for an ordinary romance, Scorpio. You want to be with somebody who’s willing to do the work and show up for you consistently, despite the fears and the inhibitions. You want to be with somebody who’s willing to be patient with you as you make peace with the so-called messy parts. You want to be with somebody who accepts both the shadow and the light aspects of your being, with the inner knowing that one cannot exist without the other. So, stay in the vibration of what you’re calling in, and trust that miracles are being concocted behind the scenes on your behalf.


sagittarius-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaThis is a beautiful time in your life, Sagittarius. A time of witnessing miracles. A time of watching your dreams take form in the physical. But, the thing is, the human mind has a phD in creating scenarios that may or may not have their basis in reality. So, be mindful of what the voices in your head are telling you right now. Things will only fall apart like a house of cards if you deceive yourself into believing they will. Word for the wise: step back, breathe, and return to the present moment. You are loved, protected and taken care of in more ways than you imagine.


capricorn-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaIf you’ve been unmotivated to jump out of bed every morning, that’s a sign. If you’ve been dragging your feet to work, it’s a sign. Today, you’re being asked to move out of that space of denial and recognize what isn’t working out for you. Coming to terms with your reality could temporarily throw you off-balance, and that’s okay. Think of this as an invitation to look within, assess what feels authentic to you (rather than what you’ve been told to pursue), and realign with the grand vision. Spirit is supporting you to make that shift.


aquarius-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaThe week ahead isn’t going to be easy, Aquarius. You will have to deal with residual energy from the past. You will have to journey to the underworld. Make your way to the deep, dark recesses of your psyche that you’d rather be in denial about. Don’t be afraid to do the work, beautiful. Don’t be afraid to sit down with your shadows and light the lamp of awareness within. You are currently clearing patterns that you’ve inherited through your lineage. Be gentle with yourself in the process.


pisces-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaThe smell and the taste of the familiar can be comforting and fatal at the same time. So, when you find yourself taking a trip down memory lane, remind yourself why things turned out a certain way. This will help you recognize what isn’t serving your highest good and release it with love. What you want to make space for this week: me-time, so you can contemplate on your past patterns. What you don’t want to do: isolate yourself to the point that you become unavailable to those you love.

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