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Your Weekly Horoscope: August 1, 2022 to August 7, 2022

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Artwork by Rohan Hande

If you feel like you’re on your way to someplace, but you don’t know where that is, you’re not alone. If you feel like you’re having to shed the baggage of your past, you’re not alone. If you feel like your identity is constantly being annihilated, yours is not an isolated experience. Spirit is preparing you for something bigger—to step into a greater role—to emerge as the most embodied version of yourself, and you will witness the culmination of this collective transformation a few years on. For now, embrace the in-between and surrender to the process of metamorphosis as you begin to find joy, beauty and grace in this moment. 

So, what does the week ahead have in store for the signs? Let’s explore!


aries-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaWe get it, Aries! Being around people at all times can be exhausting. This week, you’re yearning to be by yourself. You’re longing for the comfort of your own company. What you need to remember is that those who are trying to alleviate your mood have your best interests in their hearts. Instead of snapping at them, convey your need for space gently. Trust that communicating with clarity will help you bring about a dynamic shift within and without.


taurus-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaWhat you’re looking for cannot be found where you are. This is the week to push your boundaries, Taurus. To explore the unexplored as you step into unchartered territories. There is oh-so-much you will discover about yourself and the world around you in the process. When it comes to your professional pursuits, you’re being asked to take charge, to be seen and heard at the right places and network with the kind of people that will propel your career in the right direction. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is likely to come your way unexpectedly. Just make sure you strike when the iron is hot.


gemini-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaUh-oh! We sense drama with a capital ‘D’ this week, Gemini. Issues on the domestic front are likely to come up, making it impossible to slide things under the carpet. Don’t take the conflict as a bad sign, though. Honor it instead as an opportunity to resolve unresolved issues and bring a greater degree of peace and harmony into the equation. When it comes to professional matters, you’re being reminded that having a studio of your own is important at this time—a container for your creativity, if you may. Consider renting out a space (or investing in one) in case you haven’t already, or reinventing your sanctuary in a way that helps you stay motivated.


cancer-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaThis week, you’re being reminded that laughter is medicine, Cancer. So throw your head back and laugh, will you? Throw your head back and laugh especially when things get dark and gloomy around you. Remembering that things are happening for—and not to—you will help you get through this phase with a song in your heart. The cards are also bringing your attention to your spiritual practices. What are the things that help you get into a state of flow? The activities that help you remember that you are but Source? RSVP to that ecstatic dance party for one, or paint your feelings onto a canvas. If it makes you feel good, it means that you are on the right track.


leo-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaWe get it, Leo! You’re the most charming person in *any* room. But you can’t get by with your charm alone, even if it is your season to be the shiniest and brightest version of you. Your birthday month requires you to recommit to the goals you set for yourself earlier this year and show up for yourself in a way you never have before. Consistency is the key that will help you emerge victorious despite the competition. Matters related to health, wellness and fitness are also likely to take centre stage this week. Don’t stick to the tried-and-tested, though. Switch things up and have some fun. For instance, if you are a yoga practitioner, consider kickboxing or a high intensity workout.


virgo-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaMaybe you don’t resonate with the idea of pulling an all-nighter anymore. Maybe going on a bender doesn’t sound as fun as it used to. Maybe you don’t want to spend time around the kind of people who are not actively investing in self-growth. Now is a good time to practice discretion, and to say no to what no longer resonates with your soul’s vibration even if that means disappointing a few people. Every now and then, your friend list will go through a reboot and that’s just a part of the growing up process.


libra-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaYou’ve spent a fair amount of time at the drawing board. You’ve invested a fair amount of energy in perfecting that plan of action. It’s now time to go into the world and be the change you want to see in the collective. Don’t be hung up on the idea of instant results, though. Let slow, sustained growth be the marker of your success. At the same time, remember to balance work and play, Libra. Remember to make time for beauty and self-care rituals. If there’s anything life has taught you over the years, it’s the importance of pouring into your own cup first.


scorpio-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaUh-oh! We sense trouble in paradise, Scorpio. Nobody seems to be playing on your team and nothing seems to be working your way. Instead of descending into a downward spiral, take a moment. Take a moment to consciously shift your vibrations. A good way to get out of your head is by pouring your energy into the things that bring you joy. So, make art, write poetry, practice movement meditation, try your hand at pottery, or cook your favorite meal. PS: Spending time in the company of those who make you feel safe is highly recommended at this time.


sagittarius-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaThis week, you’re being warned against your hedonistic ways. Going on a bender may or may not have taken a toll on you a decade ago, but it is certainly going to exhaust you today. Word for the wise: remember to practice moderation no matter what time of the night it is. When it comes to your personal life, you’re being reminded that being by yourself is better than being in a toxic relationship. Make note of why things didn’t work out with a certain someone and keep that list handy, Sagittarius. The temptation to go back to the old ways is going to be strong in the coming days.


capricorn-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaOh, how good it feels to be out of the wishy-washiness of Cancer season and into the fiery portal of Leo! The week ahead sees you breaking out of the rut of the mundane, saying yes to what ignites your inner fire, and inspiring those around you to dance the dance of life with you! As such, connecting with your physical vessel is also going to be a big theme. So, get out of your head and into your body. Put your favorite playlist on, and invite your besties for movement and madness in your sanctuary. PS: The dopamine rush promises to make you feel like the sultriest, strongest version of yourself, Capricorn.


aquarius-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaSocial anxiety, who? This is the week to put on your shiniest suit, wear a full face of makeup and RSVP to every grand ball you are invited to. The world is your red carpet, Aquarius, and ain’t nobody going to come in the way of you being the most glamorous version of you! As such, connecting with your soul squad is also going to be a big theme. Set some time aside to brainstorm together, to inspire the best in each other, and to exchange ideas. By putting your heads together you could end up creating something that brings a little more beauty and magic into the world.


pisces-horoscope-love-career-vogue-arabiaPlaying the enigmatic card is so last season, Pisces. The week ahead is bringing with it the reminder that it’s time to wear your heart on your sleeve and to express how you *really* feel about this connection. Your willingness to come as you are could bring you closer than you imagine. Starting a family may also be a priority for some at this time. Instead of assuming where the other(s) stands, have a conversation about your dreams and desires. Remember, if natural birth is not an option, you can always sign up for adoption or bring a furry friend home.

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