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A Major Astrological Event Is Shaking Up Valentine’s Day – Here’s How It Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign


Vogue Arabia, December 2017. Photo: Laurence Laborie

The old adage that love is written in the stars might ring truer than usual this Valentine’s Day: from February 1, Mars and Venus will meet in the skies for a two-month period. A conjunction occurs when two transiting planets are positioned extremely close together, and their alignment affects each star sign in a different way. What’s interesting about this particular conjunction is that both planets play a part in our love lives.

“Mars is a planet of masculine energy, associated with assertion, passion, and pursuit,” explains astrologer and tarot reader MaKayla McRae, better known to her clients as The Starry-Eyed Mystic. “On the other hand, Venus is feminine and rules matters of love, beauty, magnetic allure, and attraction. Astrologers know that opposites attract. Therefore, when polar planets Mars and Venus meet in the cosmos, it’s no surprise that sparks fly in our lives.” Specifically, she adds, “Venus-Mars conjunctions are known for delivering passion and excitement into relationships. This conjunction holds the power to manifest a new love interest into your life or to spice up a long-term relationship.”

The Venus-Mars conjunction usually occurs once a year and lasts for around 10 days rather than the two months we will experience this February, March and into the start of April. “Because the Venus-Mars conjunction will be notably different due to Venus’s slower movement of late, the impacts will be more long-term and obvious,” says McRae. “There will be more major developments in our love lives. This can lead to learning more about what our partner likes and dislikes, or what they crave from us. For others, that just-for-fun fling could end up becoming something they want to commit to. Our desires and needs in love will become more pronounced, leading us to take risks or be vulnerable in pursuing what we’re attracted to.”

But, there are a few things to be aware of during this passionate meeting of the planets. “In Greco-Roman mythology, the god Mars and the goddess Venus were known as the forbidden lovers,” continues McRae. “Despite their relationship being considered taboo, their attraction to one another was undeniable. Knowing this, we can expect a dose of fun, but there are pros and cons. It’ll be important to enjoy your heightened emotions while remaining level headed, as becoming more demanding or argumentative with misdirected passionate energy can be the shadow side of this conjunction.”

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