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Mercury Retrograde 2024 Dates and How They Will Affect You

Below, a complete list of all the Mercury retrograde 2024 dates, and how they may affect you, so you can plan the coming year accordingly.

Mercury retrograde 2024

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It’s back for a spring edition.

Mercury retrograde has long been thought to spark a period of flux and general chaos, with the astrological phenomenon considered by many to affect everything from your mood to your actions. From falling out with friends to feeling generally off, Mercury retrograde refers to the very particular type of mayhem that occurs during certain periods of the year when the planet is in retrograde.

While 2023 served up just three of these periods, 2024 will see us treated to Mercury retrograde a delightful four times, so buckle up. But what even is this much-memed phenomenon and can it actually impact our everyday life?

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What does Mercury retrograde mean?

When someone says Mercury is in retrograde, they are referring to the period of time where Mercury moves slower than the Earth around the sun.

In astrology, Mercury is said to rule communication, news, travel, technology, gossip and information which means that when it is in retrograde, we can usually expect an array of mishaps to occur, such as miscommunications or misunderstandings.

When is Mercury in retrograde in 2024?

We’ll be getting four servings of Mercury retrograde in 2024:

13 December 13 to 1 January 2024: What a way to enter the new year! Technically, this counts as just one day’s retrograde given that it started in 2023, and concluded at the very beginning of 2024.

1 April to 24 April: Mercury will go into retrograde of the Aries sign, with this being an apt time to carefully consider your actions before making any major decisions to avoid running into issues down the line. Pre-retrograde shadow starts a way before on 18 March, with the post-retrograde shadow period finally ending by 13 May.

4 August to 27 August: August will see Mercury in retrograde under the earth sign Virgo, with it shifting into fire sign Leo after 14 August. This is a period to be particularly conscious of your romantic relationships and doing all you can to prevent any misunderstandings. While its pre-retrograde shadow begins on 16 July, it leaves on 11 September.

25 November to 15 December: The last retrograde of 2024 will be under Sagittarius again. With it falling over the holiday period, it’s an important time to double check plans, allow extra time for travel and do all you can to avoid unnecessary falling outs. Pre-retrograde shadow begins on 7 November and Mercury leaves its shadow by 2 January.

How does Mercury retrograde affect us?

If you’ve ever wondered why people seemingly freak out when Mercury retrograde happens, it’s because Mercury is the planet that influences communication, with it generally thought that the retrograde motion signifies negative undertones for the astrological world.

This can lead to everything from emails getting lost to travel disruptions, with astrologers also believing that it can result in:

  • Shifts in friendships or falling outs
  • Miscommunications and general misunderstandings
  • Brain fog, anxiety and headaches
  • Uncertainty around work and personal projects

What to expect when Mercury is next in retrograde in Aries (April 1 – 24)

Mercury retrograde kindly saw us through the holiday season and into January, with the final day of Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and Sagittarius on 1 January 2024.

And next up, it returns in April.

April’s Mercury retrograde is in Aries, and while each retrograde affects all star signs, it’s the sign which it falls under that sees the deepest effects.

Those who deem themselves impulsive may want to be more considered in how they approach things during this next Mercury retrograde as things you might usually rush through or not pay much mind to are far more likely to be misconstrued and lead to problems down the line.

Take this as an opportunity to set things straight in all key areas of your life, but particularly in your relationships. If you’ve had a falling out recently now is a good time to apologise and hear the other person out.

Events might be cancelled and you may have issues communicating effectively during Mercury retrograde in Aries, so this is a prime time to place accuracy over urgency and strip back to basics.

See this as an opportunity to take stock, be patient and set yourself up for the rest of the year and by the time post-retrograde shadows ends on 13 May you could be in a much better place.

What else can you do when Mercury is in retrograde?

Mercury retrograde affects everyone differently, and there are ways to make navigating this uncertain time a little easier. Here’s what you can do to set yourself up for Mercury retrograde this year:

Above all, don’t panic — embrace the shift

It’s important to remember that potential impacts of Mercury retrograde are ultimately theoretical. So even if it does feel like things might be out of their usual rhythm, don’t neglect to acknowledge that this could be due to you being more conscious of potential changes and so paying more mind to these.

Stressing over potential issues ultimately won’t change anything so try and roll with the punches as best you can and avoid dramatising. Remaining calm will not only help with your general outlook but will also ensure that you’re in a far better position to navigate any unexpected changes during this time.

Refine your communication

Given that the planet Mercury rules communications in every form, whether it be writing or speaking, make an effort to pay greater mind to what this encompasses, from things like negotiations and work dealings to travel plans and messaging.

Simple things like reviewing your emails to ensure there’s no room for misunderstandings or allowing yourself extra time to look over any new contracts will make all the difference, so bear this in mind and make allowances if people seem to be shorter than usual or are misconstruing your words.

Hold off on any major chats

As above, Mercury retrograde is ripe for misunderstandings, so consider pressing pause on any major conversations that will have a long-term impact on you.

Wherever possible it’s best to save big chats for when Mercury is back to normal as it will likely save you some trouble down the line.

Try and be as flexible as possible

Where you’re able to, give yourself some leeway for things to not go as planned. If you’re getting a train at a particular time then consider giving yourself ten extra minutes, if you’re unsure of a new contract or agreement, be conscious of that and take the time to check in with yourself before making any decisions.

While you can’t put your life on hold altogether, it’s wise to have backup plans and make allowances for any misunderstandings.

Review where you’re investing energy

While Mercury retrograde is an easy scapegoat for general chaos in day-to-day life, it also makes for an apt time to look back and reflect on what you invest your time and energy and into.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself caught up with work which has meant less family time, or equally you might be neglecting to give yourself the space to get stuck into a favourite hobby. Balance is important at all times, not just during Mercury retrograde, so it’s a good point to take stock and review if you’re content with your current balance.

Mark your calendars now so you don’t get any unwelcome surprises down the road. Godspeed.

What happens after Mercury retrograde during the shadow period?

Just as there is a pre-retrograde shadow period, once the Mercury retrograde has finished, we also come into a period know as the post-mercury retrograde shadow or “retroshade”. This refers to a planet’s retrograde shadow period, something that happens both before and after the retrograde itself. It’s when the planet slows down as it prepares to enter retrograde and speeds up as it leaves its backward motion behind.

This is usually a time when you can look back on some recent issues with a clearer perspective and have the opportunity to make changes that matter. Therefore, it’s very common for people to break-up, move on and start embarking down a new path. It’s often a good time to focus on yourself and forget the distractions around you, when others may be more argumentative and confrontational.

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