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Last Supermoon of 2022: What Does It Mean for Your Zodiac Sign?

Vogue Arabia, July/August 2022. Photo: Russell Higton

As the moon ascends to the peak of the lunar cycle, it is bound to have an untold impact on our lives—and the last supermoon of 2022 is no different. Called the Sturgeon Moon, the last supermoon of the year on August 11 will appear larger in the sky due to its closer-than-usual proximity from our vantage point on the earth. While August is the dramatic Leo season, this moon will be rising in Aquarius, leading to an additional boost of non-conformism. So, how will these lunar vibrations reverberate in your personal life? Here’s a closer look at what to expect for your zodiac sign and the wellness rituals that will help you get through this supermoon:


The fiery flame of Aries burns bright all year long, but this supermoon is going to see you making time for activities that will rekindle your childlike joy and wonder—adding a citrine crystal to your home will also help you attract the energies that you seek in life.


Big changes might be on the cards for you as the rule-breaking energy of Aquarius filters into your life, so this supermoon may be a good time to hunker down and pamper yourself with a herbal foot soak to boost circulation and dial back stress.


With the full moon rising in fellow air sign Aquarius, it is time to dust out those anxieties. Take the time to sit down and acknowledge all your worries, taking time for mindful breathing exercises when things seem overwhelming, such as the 4-7-8 breathing technique—inhale to the count of four, hold your breath for another seven and then exhale to the count of eight.


With the free-spirited energy of Aquarius shining bright this supermoon, it might be time to lay down that emotional baggage, Cancer. As an inherent empath, your energy draws other people to share their burdens with you, but perhaps it is time to take time for yourself—the moonstone will serve as a healing stone for your water sign, helping you relieve inner tensions.


It is your birthday season, and it comes as little surprise that this supermoon will be your time to shine, Leo. You’ll find that the azure hues of lapis lazuli crystals will help you balance your inner energy in perfect harmony with your outer self.


For a sign that thrives in orderliness, the defiant energy of the Aquarius supermoon could have your life slated for a shake-up. In moments of chaos, remember to connect with those you love for some TLC—try opting for a digital detox and signing up for a couples’ yoga class for rhythmic breathing with your partner.


While your extroverted personality has no problem making new friends, the creative peak of this lunar cycle wants you to direct some of that love towards yourself. If your mind has been riddled with conflicting thoughts, start your morning with mindful meditation to gain clarity on what you’d like to accomplish during the day.


While things have been going your way at work, some personal matters may need you to channel the Leo supermoon’s compassionate tendencies. Work your way through the aggression that comes so naturally to your water sign with grounding exercises, such as alternate nostril breathing.


The unpredictable Aquarius supermoon could throw some curveballs your way, but who better than your happy-go-lucky sign to roll with the punches. If you have been feeling the need to recharge your creative batteries, find some pockets of me-time in your schedule with an aromatherapy spa sesh.


The full moon is always a time of emotional surcharge, so you might find yourself trusting your instincts and living in the moment more than your cautious brain usually would have. Channel the Aquarius energy of this supermoon with a reiki massage for inner peace and relaxation.


This supermoon is your moon, Aquarius, and the double influx of rebellion is going to take your life down uncharted paths. Don’t be afraid to challenge your personal records, whether it is at work or in the gym with an endorphin-boosting Zumba sesh.


Life is a fairytale for Pisces and the dreamy energy of the supermoon could be a good time to focus on emotional catharsis through healing affirmations with an aquamarine crystal that will help you channel your inner power and strength.

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