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Here’s Your Zodiac Sign’s Guide to Surviving This Year’s Third Mercury Retrograde, Starting on September 9, 2022


As mercury retrograde begins, brace for impact on your mental, physical and spiritual health

By now, you likely know the drill: as Mercury goes into retrograde for the third time (i.e. with the third Mercury retrograde), you can expect its impact to send your personal communications and travel plans haywire. From September 9 to October 2, it will appear as though Mercury is going backwards from our vantage point on Earth—and as the planet governing communication, relationships, and technology, it is likely to send your everyday life into a tailspin. If you are looking to make it through the third Mercury retrograde unscathed, here are the wellness rituals that will help you maintain your mental and spiritual health according to your zodiac sign:


Temper your fiery spirit and impulsive reflexes by starting your day with a soothing round of yoga, like Surya Namaskar, to calm your mind in the face of any technological challenges and email mishaps that the day may bring.


The retrograde may wreak havoc on your internal communications but remember to stay grounded by starting a mantra chanting practice—as an earth sign, you tend to be a private person so you might want to find a quiet place where you can let your sound flow directly from your heart.


As the social butterfly of the zodiac wheel, you are likely to be more stymied than others by miscommunication in relationships. Talk out your frustrations by grabbing a buddy and opting for a brisk HIIT stepping workout to air out your woes.


Still waters run deep, and you are likely holding on to frustration by a conversation left on read for too long. Making a weekly appointment at the sauna, or alternatively a cold plunge pool will help you breathe out all the pesky grievances that live rent-free in your mind.


You are used to being the star of the show but everybody needs some downtime to relax and let go of the baggage they are holding on to. Starting a spiritual practice like reiki or meditation will help you find that much-needed slice of me-time in the day.


As a sign that thrives on discipline and order, the disruptions caused by the retrograde will likely take a harder toll on you than other signs. Find your moment of calm amidst the chaos with alternative therapies, like acupuncture, to release mood-enhancing endorphins.


While the retrograde can cause friction in everyday life, it can also be a chance for Libra to take a pause and invest in their celestial journey by aligning their energies through crystal healing—you will find that a high-vibrational stone like celestite will help you manifest calm.


Dial down the buzz of social media notifications and take some time to replenish your inner reserves of energy this retrograde, Scorpio. While your fiery sign has little time for touchy-feely talks, starting a journaling practice can help you sort your thoughts and cope more effectively with the everyday overwhelm.


It is time to invite the abundance mindset, Sagittarius, by focusing on what you have over what you don’t. If you have been feeling stuck in a creative rut, add the citrine crystal to your everyday life for attracting inspiration, abundance, and success.


Your innate need for certainty and security is at odds with the retrograde but you can make it through this rocky road by making room in your schedule for a healing activity, like reiki to usher in relaxation and reduce the weight of the world that you carry on your shoulders.


If you have been guilty of putting your mental health at the bottom of your priorities, the incoming retrograde is not going to make it easy on you. Breathwork exercises, like the 4-7-8 breathing technique, can help you practice mindfulness during this time.


For the dreamy Pisces, the retrograde-induced chaos can be a difficult taskmaster. On days when you are looking to get away from it all, opt for some hydrotherapy to replenish your water sign—like the spiritual bath trend that is dominating social media for reducing negative energies and finding your harmony.

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