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Cancer Season 2022: 20 Gifts That Are Perfect For The Zodiac Sign

Selena Gomez, born on July 22, 1992. Vogue Arabia, January 2021. Photo: Dario Calmese

Cancer season is here, and it’s likely to have all signs of the zodiac feeling more emotional and open to intimacy. Falling between June 21 and July 22, this period of time is, of course, most special for the water sign, and if you haven’t already had the lowdown on Cancerians, here’s your astro crash course.

Cancer personality traits

Easily one of the most compassionate signs of the zodiac, Cancer is ruled by the moon, which explains why people born under this sign are so intuitive and in-touch with their inner emotions. Cancerians tend to share extremely strong bonds with their families (and make fantastic parents), and are known to be caring and incredibly loyal—in fact, Cancer is one of the most romantic and passionate signs you may ever encounter. Their sensitive nature can, however, lead to hard-hitting heartbreaks, and Cancerians seldom forget betrayal or let go of grudges. Still, it’s rare to come across a Cancerian who won’t go out of their way to make those around them feel safe, comfortable and loved, making them wonderful partners and the most valuable friends.

Famous Cancer celebrities

Shockingly witty, surprisingly sweet, and always down to earth, Cancer celebrities are among some of the most loved individuals across the globe. The zodiac sign also happens to include some of the world’s most famous musicians, from Selena Gomez, Jessica Simpson and Ariana Grande to Lana Del Ray, Missy Elliott and Saweetie. Comedian Kevin Hart and Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara are also Cancerians (proof that this sign does comedy like no other!), along with global icons Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Priyanka Chopra, Tom Cruise, Pamela Anderson and Vin Diesel, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, actors Liv Tyler, Lindsay Lohan and Margot Robbie, and activist Malala Yousafzai.

The best birthday gifts for Cancer individuals

Shopping for a Cancer individual can be daunting—after all, what do you buy for the sign that gives the best, most meaningful gifts? A great way to celebrate all the traits that makes your Crab friend special is to treat them with customized jewelry. Chloé’s zodiac constellation earring celebrates Cancer season with pink agate, while Bina Goenka’s statement ruby earrings spotlight the sign’s birthstone, and Brooke Gregson’s Cancer necklace makes for a great daily wardrobe addition. For the Cancerian who puts family above all else, there’s no going wrong with Loquet’s dainty family tree charm.

Every Cancerian’s middle name may as well be ‘Romantic’, so why not gift your favorite person something that puts their ‘love conquers all’ mindset under the spotlight? Loewe’s heart-shaped rose-tinted glasses make a cute summer addition, while Alaïa’s red heart sling promises to add the right amount of quirk to any outfit, as does Gucci’s ‘LOVE’ scarf. Other must-haves for the sign include Zimmermann’s date-ready floral dress, and Jimmy Choo’s frothy pink stilettos.

For the homebody Cancerian, Vogue Arabia’s favorite picks include a cosy blanket for movie nights (The Elder Statesman offers a multicolored cashmere number that’s bound to earn your brownie points), Tom Ford’s scented candles, and for Sunday family outings, the cutest picnic set by Anya Hindmarch. To discover more gifts for Cancer, start scrolling now.

Bag, Alaïa. AED 3,610

Candle, Tom Ford. AED 440

Cashmere blanket, The Elder Statesman. AED 14,971

Dress, Zimmermann. AED 3,605

Earring, Chloé. AED 1,610

Earrings, Bina Goenka. AED 2,66,320

Family Tree charm, L’oquet. AED 1,126

Heels, Jimmy Choo. AED 3,850

Lip color, Westman Atelier. AED 350

Necklace, Brooke Gregson. AED 6,344

Notebook, Smythson. AED 241

Picnic set, Anya Hindmarch. AED 5,808

Ring, De Beers Jewellers. AED 3,701

Rose quartz facial sculptor, Kora Organics. AED 314

Scarf, Gucci. AED 950

Sun hat, Eliurpi. AED 1,050

Sunglasses,. Loewe. AED 1,238

The Missoni Family Cookbook, Assouline. AED 273

Umbrella, Burberry. AED 984

Vase, Completedworks. AED 535

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