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This Is Perfect Fitness Workout for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Whether you’re a hardcore gym stan who wants to switch things up, or you’re still holding out for a routine you won’t dread, enjoying a fitness workout is all about finding the right fit. If running doesn’t do it for you, or HIIT feels a little intense, allow your star sign to guide you in the right direction. We’ve rounded up the best exercises for your horoscope below.


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Jump rope

As the first fire sign of the zodiac, you’re light, bright, bubbly and energetic. You need a fitness workout that’s high-octane and powerful to help you blow off steam. You’re very self-motivated so you can exercise solo. Get some music blaring and try skipping for twenty minutes a day – it may not sound like much, but it’s a speedy and intense full-body workout that’s perfect for a busy fire sign.


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Steady and laidback, you’re a pretty cool cucumber, which may because of your grounding earth sign. You like to take things at your own pace, and you’re the type to stop and smell the roses. Walking’s underrated but it’s actually great for your body. A loooooong weekend walk (ideally somewhere beautiful) and regular evening power strolls help push up your heart rate, while giving you the headspace you need.


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Your curious, impulsive and playful nature means you’re too inquisitive to stick to the treadmill. You need something exciting and lively that’ll hold your interest. Enter… rollerblades. Even better, invite a buddy as well and combine exercising with a spot of socialising.


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Your emotional intelligence sets you apart, but as the person friends often turn to with their problems, things can sometimes get a bit heavy. You need a workout that offers you a moment of calm away from the noise. Swimming is a great full-body workout, as well as very therapeutic, and as the first water sign of the zodiac, it makes sense that you’re a water baby.


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Dance class

Confident, outgoing and comfortable in the limelight, Leos are the leader of the pack. A dance class is social, fun and upbeat just like you and it offers you even more ways to express yourself.


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Virgos possess a quiet strength that can’t be underestimated. You’re hard-working, determined and poised. A workout that focuses on your core helps you to maintain that physical strength, but also allows you to dip into some mindfulness and away from your to-do list.


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Bike ride

Libra, you’re a natural charmer. You love culture and romance and an ideal day for you would be ducking into a museum, then going to a gig. You love to take in new sights, so why not travel by bike? Enlist your friend or partner and use a long cycle as an excuse to explore your surroundings.


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You’re a tough cookie Scorpio and you’re one of the most powerful signs of the zodiac. Though you’re a lover not a fighter, when it comes to your nearest and dearest, you have a tendency to keep outsiders at arms-length. To let of steam, you need something kickass and high-energy, so kickboxing is a great workout for you.


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One thing all sags love is adventure. You like to get out into the world and see what’s happening. As a fire sign, you favour action and you love to challenge yourself. Long hikes will give you the freedom you crave as well as a sense of accomplishment.


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Rock climbing

Cap, you’re determined and ambitious, you’ve got mountains you want to climb and you’re deffo reaching the summit. You’re realistic that it could take some time and careful planning, but that won’t stop you from getting there. Rock climbing’s a great shout for you, just make sure you have a safety rope.


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Paddle boarding

Aquarius, you’re intelligent and analytical, but also a little quirky. You’re very independent and you enjoy time alone to help you recharge. Being among nature and out in the open soothes you. Despite being an air sign, your symbol is the water-bearer which is why you may find being around water so calming. Give paddle-boarding a go – it requires physicality and skill, but offers tranquility, too. Plus, you’re unafraid to make a splash.


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The last water sign of the zodiac, you’re nurturing, intuitive and switched on when it comes to others emotions. You’re trusting and gentle and you crave connection but you can be a procrastinator. The meditative side of yoga gives you the pause you need to straighten everything out in your mind and see things clearly, plus it builds strength, balance and flexibility.

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