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Get to Know Saudi Singer Tamtam Ahead of Her Performance at Hai Vogue in Al Balad

Get to know Tamtam ahead of her performance at Hai Vogue in Al Balad.

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Photo: Esra Sam. Vogue Arabia, December 2023

On February 8-9, Vogue Arabia will take over the neighborhood of Al Balad with Hai Vogue, its first large-scale event in Saudi Arabia — and it’s open to the public! Joining the exciting lineup of the two-day block party is Saudi singer Tamtam who will take the stage on Day 2 to perform live from 9-9:45pm.

Ahead of Hai Vogue, learn more about Tamtam better in her own words, and find out everything about Hai Vogue — from how to get tickets, to the line-up of musical performances coming your way — here.

On believing in yourself 

“I lacked confidence when I left Saudi because my Arabic became weak and people would notice whenever I’d visit the Kingdom. They always asked me why my Arabic isn’t strong, and why I don’t look Saudi. When asked how one overcomes such a situation, Tamtam advises, “The first part [to overcoming this] is try to understand where it’s coming from. Once I became confident about who I am and with my flaws, not just my strengths, it changed everything. I want [my listeners] to know that it’s okay for more than one place to feel like home. It’s important to be proud of that.”

On the passion for her job

“It’s no secret that making and performing music is my passion; so to get to do that while also representing my country is something I’m going to be forever grateful for.”

On the power of music

“I believe in the power of music. It’s a form of art that brings people together. It’s the best way to express yourself without having to argue or get an answer back. It’s a blank canvas that you get to paint every day and share with the world freely. When I sit down to write something, I write about whatever I’m feeling that day: whether it’s about love, happiness, sadness, society, etc. It always helps to heal me, so I know that it’s going to heal a lot of people too. Music is a universal language!”

On being a proud Saudi

“I’m proud to be part of a country that celebrates its heritage, and traditions, and encourages its people to pursue their ambitions. I’m so grateful to be a part of a community that is kind and welcoming. Every non-Saudi I’ve met who has been to the country or has met its people, says to me that they’ve never felt more welcome. I’m so proud of that and grateful to God for everything.”

Vogue Arabia is taking over Jeddah’s Al Balad for a one-of-a-kind block party at the UNESCO World Heritage Site. On February 8 and 9, 2024, join us at Hai Vogue, where we will turn the spotlight on Saudi’s spirited youth and creative community, framed by the unique architecture and spirit of this historical neighborhood. Buy your tickets here

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