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Cosmicat: Get To Know the Saudi Arabian DJ Before Catching Her at Hai Vogue

On February 8-9, Vogue Arabia will take over the neighborhood of Al Balad with Hai Vogue, its first large-scale event in Saudi Arabia — and it’s open to the public! As we gear up for the big festival, which brings together fashion, music, culture, food and celebrities, we chat with Cosmicat, the very first female DJ to emerge from the kingdom, who will also be performing a very special set at Hai Vogue. Read on to discover five fun secrets about the artist, and find out everything about the festival — from how to get tickets, to the line-up of musical performances coming your way — here.


Photo: Courtesy Cosmicat

5 things you didn’t know about Cosmicat, the DJ who you will soon see at Hai Vogue

She used to be a dentist

Believe it or not, Cosmicat — also known as Nouf Sufyani — used to be a dentist, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in dental and oral surgery. Until a few years ago, her life revolved around working at a clinic in Jeddah, but Sufyani did her best to make time for her second passion, music, during the little free time she was able to take out of her busy schedule. Over the years, Cosmicat scored noteworthy gigs and made a big effort to promote her talents online, eventually catching the eye of MBC, the Middle East’s largest TV network. And the rest is history.

It was a chance encounter that sparked Cosmicat’s love for music

Back in 2014, Cosmicat first discovered her love for music while attending a dentistry conference in Dubai. Sufyani happened upon a house track, which she claimed took her on an auditory journey like no other. “I spent the rest of the year, and the years since, looking for this specific type of music,” she shared in an interview with Insider. The unexpected experience was enough to change the course of her life forever.

She counts some incredibly talented women among her idols

Ask any successful woman who inspires her, and the list is bound to include more powerful female pioneers who have paved the way for the new generation. In Cosmicat’s case, Russian techno DJ Nina Kraviz has always been an idol. Just like Cosmicat, Kraviz too used to be a dentist who eventually switched careers to make it big in the music industry. Other women she looks up to include some of the most-loved actors and music pros in the region: “I love Loulwa al Sharief, a good jazz singer, biirdperson, a new DJ, and also Summer Shesha and Sara Taibah, who are in the film industry,” she once told Vogue Arabia.

She is Saudi Arabia’s very first female DJ

Growing up in an atmosphere where creative careers were rare, young Nouf Sufyani may have never guessed that she would one day make Saudi Arabia proud by becoming its very first female DJ. After years of DJing in her bedroom with the help of online tutorials, Cosmicat began performing for the Kingdom’s underground music community in 2018, and her first big gig was MDL BEAST’s inaugural festival Soundstorm, which took place in Saudi Arabia in 2019. Through her whirlwind career, Cosmicat has played against the likes of Steve Aoki, Peggy Gou and R3HAB, among others.

She’s got some great tracks under her belt

With an innate understanding of music like hers, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Cosmicat’s music has a strong fan following. In 2020, she took on the role of music producer, joining hands with French electronic producer Yann Dulché to create “Dilemma”, her very first single, and soon after, also gave her fans some much-loved songs including “Toxic Romance”, “Mashawear”, “Yalla” and “Ascension”.

Vogue Arabia is taking over Jeddah’s Al Balad for a one-of-a-kind block party at the UNESCO World Heritage Site. On February 8 and 9, 2024, join us at Hai Vogue, where we will turn the spotlight on Saudi’s spirited youth and creative community, framed by the unique architecture and spirit of this historical neighborhood. Buy your tickets here

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