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Sheikha Dana Al Khalifa to Showcase a Curated Edit at the Region’s Largest Jewelry Exhibition

Sheikha Dana Al Khalifa

Sheikha Dana Al Khalifa. Supplied

On her Instagram feed, the woman behind The Overdressed, Sheikha Dana Al Khalifa, showcases brand collaborations – think boudoir perfume for Dior Parfums and sparkling shoe-fies for Jimmy Choo. There’s also a multitude of images of her looking serenely polished, black hair tumbling over her shoulders, wearing both modest and contemporary clothing, dresses and culottes, and, for the eagle-eyed, captivating fine jewelry. Al Khalifa has transformed her passion for gemstones into The Overdressed Pavilion, her curated edit of fine jewelry that will be showcased for the sixth year running at Jewellery Arabia this month. The five-day event in Bahrain is the largest and most prestigious retail jewelry exhibition in the region and offers Al Khalifa a platform to “connect people across borders, enabling the jewelry-savvy to find brands they would not otherwise find in our part of the world.” These include Ana Katerina, founded by a war correspondent who uses beautiful jewelry to shed light on social causes. Also featured is Arte Oro, which specializes in personalized jewelry by Italian Danilo Giannoni, who has priority access of the finest and rarest stones; Bhansali, a brand that has generations of family members in the diamond industry; and EnaIro, which features “art-chitectural” haute jewelry and ancient African heritage as its fil rouge. Further labels include Istanboulli Gioielli Milano, helmed by two Italian siblings offering intricate designs; Nadine Aysoy, from the global capital of diamonds, Antwerp; NeverNot, which inspires happiness with topaz and turquoise; and New York native Nina Runsdorf, whose eponymous brand showcases precious and semi-precious stones.

Discover the Arab fine jewelry brands that will be part of The Overdressed Pavilion at Jewellery Arabia.

Savolinna, UAE 

Savolinna Jewelry

The brainchild of Hessa Al Shafar, this jewelry is destined for the young, edgy customer who looks to layer her pieces, starting with the letter pendant necklaces in 18ct white gold, with diamonds and sapphire crystal.

Nuun Jewels, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Nuun Jewelry

Founded in 2014 by HRH Princess Nourah Al Faisal, Nuun pieces are grounded in the designer’s east and west inspirations and made with impreccable craftsmanship in place vendome workshops in Paris.

Muneera AlSharhan, Kuwait 

Muneera Al Sharhan Jewelry

Muneera Al Sharhan, Kuwait the recipient of a Sherrif De Mode award at the Eclat de Mode jewelry show in Paris creates contemporary and art jewelry.

Jewellery Arabia is on from November 19-23 in Bahrain.

Originally published in the November 2019 issue of Vogue Arabia 

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