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Zyne Introduces the Moroccan Young Artists Collective

Moroccan Young Artists

Moroccan Young Artists founders Laura Pujol and Zineb Britel. Photo by Hajar Daide. Courtesy Zyne

A new initiative launches today, the Moroccan Young Artists collective (MYA), the brainchild of Zyne, welcomes Moroccan burgeoning designers to feature their collections at the Zyne store in Casablanca. The curated group of designers is offered a platform to shape the restart of business in Morocco, serving as a communication channel for traditional artisans and offering a positive message to the young generation, explain the co-founders behind luxury footwear brand Zyne, Zineb Britel and Laura Pujol. Launching with a pop-up, it strives to elevate its local DNA to a global view. “We long to be a liaison for brands that need it most and offer a creative space that will bring optimism and potential financial growth for these talented individuals. Having everyone under one roof will hopefully exude a promising vibe and the push we all need right now,” state the co-founders. From today until July 11th, Zakaria Bendriouch, Bouchra Boudoua, LRNCE, Soufiane Zarib, and Norya Aryon will share the floor with Zyne at its boutique, set-up by Boutique Souk, while a partnership with hotel Doge will also invite guests to talks with the various brand founders.

Moroccan Young Artists

Moroccan Young Artists showcase inside the Zyne boutique, Casablanca. Photo by Hajar Daide. Courtesy Zyne

Moroccan Young Artists

Moroccan Young Artists showcase in side the Zyne boutique, Casablanca. Photo by Hajar Daide. Courtesy Zyne

“If this crisis taught us anything, it is that we are all connected and that the success of one is intrinsically linked to the success of all,” comments Britel. “Creating a movement, where our passion for craftsmanship and Moroccan heritage is highlighted is so important to encourage the Moroccan society to consume local and make them realize how much creativity and attention to detail are put on every piece made here in Morocco.” Following the popup, all Moroccan artists are invited to submit their portfolios to Zyne for a chance to showcase their collections in an area of the boutique until the end of September. Intended to become a “seasonal rendez-vous,” Zyne will create a Moroccan Young Artists trunk show in the summer and winter with four weeks of presentation. July 8,9,10 Zyne boutique, Casabalanca

Explore the artisanal craft of the Moroccan brands featured over the three-day pop-up in the gallery below.

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