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Zendaya’s Red Dress Will Inspire You to Add a Fiery Number to Your Own Closet


The ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike means that Zendaya is taking a pause from wearing nice clothes on the red carpet. It also means that she is doing what so many other 27 year olds do when feeling bored: logging onto Instagram and expressing herself in a series of dissociative outfit pictures. And in the absence of high-glam events, these portraits are beginning to take on an outsized, costume drama dimension.

Last week, the actor uploaded this photo of herself in a crystal-encrusted micro bralette with an enormous skirt and mutton-sleeved top from Collina Strada’s autumn/winter 2020 collection. She then went even further and posted an image of herself in a pannier-hipped gown from Mathieu Blazy’s autumn/winter 2023 proposal at Bottega Veneta. She looked as though she was perhaps starring in cool, fashion-forward version of Bridgerton.

That retina-burning hue is also one of 2023’s most prolific fashion trends, with Dua Lipa and EmRata and Margot Robbie and Kate Moss all cloaking themselves in its dangerous associations. “It’s the color of kings and queens, war and empire, theatre and power,” as Charlotte Sinclair previously wrote. “Red is adrenaline, fireworks, the break with convention. It is shame and violence and blushing and rage.”


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