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10 Young Arab Designers Who Are Redefining the Future of the Fashion Industry

The world of Arab fashion has birthed countless gems, from Elie Saab to Zuhair Murad. Now, a new generation of young Arab designers are carrying the torch forward. The result is a bold array of culturally-inspired creations that are making the world sit up and take notice. 

Young Arab designers

Who are the latest Arab designers to follow?

It is a known fact that the MENA region has no dearth of inspirational Arab designers. But who are the youngest fashion designers to keep on your radar? How are they working on reinventing stories of their culture in rich, nuanced ways for the contemporary age? 

The search will lead you to a diverse tapestry of designers from the Arab diaspora who are making their mark everywhere, from Arab Fashion Week to red carpets around the world. These are the names that Hollywood celebrities turn to for one-of-a-kind creations. And now, you will too. 

Top 10 young Arab designers you should know about

Malik Thomas Studio

Time slows down as you browse through Iraqi designer Malik Thomas Jalil’s creations. Now based in Jordan, his vision for the future of Middle Eastern fashion takes form in gender-neutral clothing. Each piece then becomes an artistic exploration that will nudge you to explore your own psyche at a deeper level. Having started out by sourcing secondhand fabrics from Amman, his artistic pursuits now assume the focus alongside bespoke creations on a made-to-order basis. 

Malik Thomas young Arab designers

Handpainted cotton shirt, Malik Thomas Studio

Add to cart: The Middle Eastern fashion designer’s acrylic veil painted on silk makes for a wear-now, treasure-forever sartorial investment.


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Madiyah Al Sharqi

What do Zendaya, Khloe Kardashian and Priyanka Chopra all have in common? Apart from boundary-obliterating success, the trio also have a Madiyah Al Sharqi creation in their highly covetable wardrobes. As the daughter of Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al-Sharqi, ruler of Fujairah, she is now counted among the young Arab designers scripting a more global future for the Emirati fashion industry with her Middle Eastern-inspired clothing. 

Madiyah Al Sharqi young Arab designers

Madiyah Al Sharqi x Karen Wazen

Add to cart: The designer’s second collaboration with Karen Wazen has birthed light-as-air silhouettes that you will want to be seen in all summer long. 

Zeid Hijazi

There are several terms that have been used to sum up Palestinian designer Zeid Hijazi’s creations. Abstract folklore is one. Arab futurism is another. But only the true savant would know that the young Arab designer’s work defies explanation. “I think it is politely dystopian with a sense of an ancient Arab reality,” he quips. Through his work, he ensures that traditional Palestinian embroideries continue to find relevance in the modern age. 

Zeid Hijazi young Arab designers

The Kalt dress, Zeid Hijazi

Add to cart: The Sherif coat from the UAE fashion designer’s debut collection will serve as the perfect finishing touch to your fall wardrobe. 


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How does a structural engineer get her creations sported by Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Katy Perry? Designer Abeer Shoukry-Al Otaiba has the answers. Having initially worked in civil engineering, the same attention to detail and focus on functionality would lead her to be counted among the top young Arab designers to know. For those looking for Arab-owned brands to support, SemSem’s unapologetic definition to femininity is easy to love. 

Semsem young Arab designers

One-shoulder draped plissé lamé maxi dress, SemSem

Add to cart: Bookmark the young Arab designer’s pleated metallic numbers for that all-eyes-on-me moment at the next gala on your social calendar. 


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Reem Atout

Egyptian designer Reem Atout has a strange request for her grandmothers: ship over their old jalabeyas. They acquiesce, having little idea it would go on to fetch her the Cairo Design Award in 2022. It is somewhere between these worlds of traditional Middle Eastern dress sensibilities and modern Arabic clothing that Atout’s dreamscape comes to life. The result is a lineup that infuses streetwear elements into traditional Arabic silhouettes for a merry union.

Reem Atout

Kaftan, Reem Atout

Add to cart: The ‘Teta Chic’ collection that will keep monochrome monotony at bay with its bold print-on-print pairings. 

Fatma Mostafa 

Not all young Arab designers can have their creations flaunted by supermodel Bella Hadid. But then again, Egyptian designer and artist Fatma Mostafa is not just anyone. For starters, there is the Fashion Trust Arabia prize that she laid claim to in the jewelry category in 2022. If the world of fashion hadn’t taken notice of her boundary-blurring work yet, Hadid made it happen when she sported her Sheikh Jarrah pin to support Palestine. 

Fatma Mostafa

Embroidery water lilies earrings, Fatma Mostafa Jewelry

Add to cart: The jewelry designer’s statement-making cuffs will whisk you away to lands unknown with their Monet-inspired painterly influences.  


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Daneh Design

How can clothes make women feel good? This is the question humming in the mind of most Saudi fashion designers, but Daneh Buahmad is among the few who knows how. Her eponymous label is now your passport to effortless chic. Expect silhouettes that can make the transition from day to dusk with effortless ease. 


Plaid top, Daneh

Add to cart: For leisurely summer nights, you’ll want one—or many—of Daneh’s flowy silhouettes by your side. 


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Printed playground: the first two words that will cross your mind when you take in the merry melange of colours, hues and patterns offered up by UAE-based designer Reema Al Banna. With her label, she is allowing her imagination to run wild and free—a journey that is taking the Middle Eastern fashion industry to glorious new heights. 


Hummus Reemami shirt, Reemami

Add to cart: The hypnotic hourglass stripes from the young Arab designer’s repertoire is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. 


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Arwa Al Banawi

How does a former investment banker turn into one of the most coveted young Arab designers? A quick browse through Arwa Al Banawi’s eponymous label and you will know. Having once played dress-up in her mother’s YSL suits, she is now making her mark on the Arab fashion scene with timeless silhouettes for women of all ages. 


‘Sahra in Ramatuelle’ collection, Arwa Al Banawi

Add to cart: The Saudi fashion designer’s definition of glamor takes flight in her high-shine pieces for the woman on the go. 


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On paper, Kurdish designer Sayran Barzani’s mission sounds simple enough: gems inspired by the region of her roots. But a brief glance through her creations, and it is impossible to miss the nuances. Having grown up in the diaspora, her longing for imagery that would represent her roots now finds expression in the label’s more-is-more manifesto. 

Sayran earrings

The Azadi hoops, Sayran

Add to cart: The easy-to-layer ‘Khorshid Drip’ bracelet offers a whole new definition to the realm of arm candy. 


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