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The Emirati Label Celebrating its 5th Anniversary with Serenity at the Core of its Latest Collection

This September will mark the 5th anniversary of the womenswear brand YNM helmed by Emirati designer Yasmin Al Mulla. In its celebration, the Dubai-based label has launched its Fall/Winter 19 collection which takes inspiration from the different forms of serenity — “the feel of indescribable joy, the sense of calmness, and the detect of peacefulness all representing the new direction by captivating forms of serenity,” explains Al Mulla.

“It is our take on upgrading the latest trends to create a bundle of minimal delicacy garments to fulfill the desire of a dreamy traveling look, elegant brunches, and sophisticated soirées,” she adds.

The collection features a range of pastel shades, timeless silhouettes in Spanish textiles with heart-shaped embroideries and delicate embellishments. The label’s 5th anniversary also marks a change in its direction as Al Mulla says, “I wanted to start with an upgraded direction towards marking our 5th anniversary and elevate the standard under YNM cohesive as I truly believe in classical simplicity, minimal delicacy, and modern femininity.”

The designer not only takes pride in her origins but also reflects it in her creations, “Being a homegrown Emirati label is a privilege, beautiful, and inspiring feature. As the rapid developments urge us to work hard to constantly elevate and develop YNM— I am very driven in representing my country in a very prestigious way as a Dubai based fashion label,” shares the designer with

The collection is available exclusively at

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