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How to Invest in a Long-Lasting Workout Wardrobe

One thing we may have learned from lockdown is how to alter our workout routine to enable us to work out from home, saving on both time and money, and allowing us to build on a small, yet effective capsule workout wardrobe.

When it comes to buying workout gear, we must look at a combination of high-performance materials, the versatility to mix and match, and smart engineering. A good sports bra should be your starting point. Make sure to get it fitted properly in-store, as molded cups with wide adjustable straps are made to flatter the form rather than flatten.

For clothing, this is the one time to invest in synthetic fabrics. Look for lightweight fabrics with microfibre, polypropylene, lycra, and polyester, that will allow the body to breathe much more efficiently than natural fabrics such as cotton, which tends to soak up moisture.

When investing in footwear, do not do it alone. Experts suggest taking an old pair of your sneakers to the store, for them to examine your step and the type of shape you will need.

Lastly, think of building a small and carefully orchestrated capsule collection, so that you can mix and match color schemes and fabrics easily without relying on full looks. Quality over quantity is vital, so look for individual pieces that are built to last.

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