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Watch How Glenn Close Got Ready for Her Very First Met Gala

At this year’s Met Gala, a grand total of 57 attendees walked the red carpet for the first time—but perhaps the most surprising debut of all came courtesy of Glenn Close. Yes, you heard that right: The legendary actor of stage and screen, who has famously been nominated for eight Oscars over her four-decade career, had never attended the Met Gala before last night. “I never thought I would come to the Met Gala, because it was too intimidating!” Close tells Vogue. “I’m basically very shy.”

For fashion’s biggest night out, Close teamed up with Pierpaolo Piccioli of Valentino for a show-stopping look that was head-to-toe hot pink. (Or, as Valentino fans will know, “Pink PP,” the bold fuchsia hue the Italian house developed with Pantone for their fall 2022 collection.) Consisting of a sleek blouse, tailored pants, and opera gloves, the outfit was topped off with a dramatic cape covered in swirling embroidery. “I have to say, this is kind of comfortably out of my comfort zone,” Close says while getting ready for the big night. “I live in Bozeman, Montana, and we do not wear clothes like this in Bozeman, to say the least! So this is very special.”

Glenn Close and Pierpaolo Piccioli. Photo: Getty

For Close, attending the Met Gala with Piccioli came with its own set of responsibilities. Namely, that she would do her utmost to bring his grandest sartorial visions to life. “It’s a very collaborative art, what we do,” she says of the process behind developing the look. “My mindset coming here is to be Pierpaolo’s muse, and hopefully as best as I can fulfill his vision of what tonight means. So I’m really his humble servant, and I’m very honored to be on his arm.” The admiration is clearly mutual, with Piccioli noting that he was particularly keen to dress Close for a night celebrating American fashion due to her status as an “American legend.”

Glenn Close. Photo: Getty

Still, Close couldn’t go through the night without adding a touch of her signature dry humor. When someone asks where she’s going in the outfit, she deadpans: “I’m going to the grocery store.” Here, join Close as she gets ready for her very first Met Gala.

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