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12 Quick Fixes to Refresh Your Wardrobe in 2021

Photographed by Domen / Van De Velde

One word to bear in mind when contemplating your 2021 wardrobe? “Investment.” Owning an arsenal of enduring staples is a failsafe way to approach the new year; nothing beats an interchangeable capsule of pieces that you can transition from season to season.

Don’t be fooled – versatility doesn’t mean plain and boring. Animal prints, zingy lime green hues, and embellished cardigans are trends worth carrying through until spring, while Zoom-friendly statement jewelry that saw us through lockdown should also be utilized in the coming months.

Follow Vogue’s 12-step guide to refreshing your rail in the new year.

Seek a sculptural statement

Givenchy fall/winter 2020. Photo: Courtesy

The Zoom-friendly earring has become a global sensation, and there are plenty of options that will turn heads – virtually and IRL.

Upgrade your cardigan

Miu Miu autumn/winter 2020. Photo: Courtesy

The cardigan has long been liberated from the realms of prissy propriety. This season, go even further by transforming yours into a chic accessory: tie across your décolletage and pin with a glittering brooch.

Add a dash of lime

Bottega Veneta fall/winter 2020. Photo: Getty

No longer simply a way to enliven your drink, lime is key to this winter’s palette. Whether a peekaboo flash, or worn full-look, it’s a standout shade.

Turn on to tassels

Prada fall/winter 2020. Photo: Getty

Transform your denim into eveningwear by investing in fringed sandals. The hint of tassels beneath the hems will provide instant glamour.

More than a one trick pony

Loewe; Victoria Beckham fall/winter 2020. Photo: Courtesy

When we say animal prints are in, we don’t mean just spots and stripes – but illustrations of everything from foxes to monkeys. Look to Victoria Beckham, Loewe and Alexander McQueen for a full menagerie.

Sequins for day

Valentino fall/winter 2020. Photo: Getty

These tiny sparkling discs are more versatile than you think. Take your cues from Valentino and dress them down for daytime with slouchy tailoring and a chunky pair of boots.

Spray your Latex

Saint Laurent fall/winter 2020. Photo: Getty

Baby powder has often been utilized by habitual Latex wearers. But we recommend dry shampoo as a mess-free alternative – spray on your limbs and shimmy in with ease.

A twist on pearls

Marc Jacobs fall/winter 2020. Photo: Getty

Channel the full fashion force of American political powerhouse Kamala Harris and wear your pearls with a twist.

Tie it up

Cara Delevigne. Photo: Getty

The skinny tie is back. Make like Cara and knot yours with precision for the new take on tailoring.

Protect yourself

An attendee at the spring/summer 2021 shows at Paris Fashion Week. Photo: Getty

This season’s true must-have accessory isn’t a bag or a shoe, it’s a face mask. Find yourself a fashionable one to complement any outfit while staying safe.

Elevated accessories

Fendi fall/winter 2020. Photo: Getty

Why have one bag when you can have several? Buzzy charms, clip on pouches and mini purses are the ultimate way to pep up your bag.

Try tinsel

JW Anderson fall/winter 2020. Photo: Courtesy

A festive alternative to fringing? Tinsel. Marc Jacobs, JW Anderson and Valentino’s sparkle will even turn a tracksuit into something special.

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