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Vogue Arabia’s Editor-in-Chief on Modest Fashion, Muses and Middle Eastern Style

When it comes to the modest movement and its empowering rise in the fashion industry, few know more about it than Manuel Arnaut. In his role as editor-in-chief of Vogue Arabia, Arnaut has championed regional designers, models, and style icons, and helped the world understand more about style in the Middle East.

Arnaut was recently interviewed by CNN as part of the broadcaster’s series on modest fashion. From discussing the importance of women feeling represented, to how labels are embracing a more covered approach, don’t miss what he – along with others such as Manal Rostom and Ascia Al Faraj – had to say. Watch the videos below:

“I think that in the future, the modest movement will get stronger and stronger, women will continue to feel more empowered to live their lives the way they feel they should, and thankfully fashion will support them.”

“What’s important is that feeling of being correctly represented and portrayed. In the case of the athletes, why would you not be looking powerful just because you’re not wearing shorts?”

“What’s unique about fashion in the Middle East [is] there’s an interesting sense of identity.”

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Footage courtesy of CNN

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