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Everyone’s Talking About Vogue Values, This Is What It Means

january 2020 cover, Meryem Tilila Oulhaj, vogue values

Meryem Tilila Oulhaj wearing jewelry, Aziz Bourziq; black dress, Kirkor Jabotian; white dress, headpiece, Maison ArtC; bodice, rings, Aziz Bourziqi. Photo by Elizaveta Porodina

As we enter a brand new decade, Vogue Arabia is embarking on a new mission to focus on sustainability and inclusivity as part of the Vogue Values campaign, which kicks off in the January 2020 issue.

Vogue Values is a long-term commitment thought out by the editors of the 26 Vogue editions, standing for the values of diversity, responsibility, and respect for individuals, communities, and our natural environment. Each publication is adding different concepts to this campaign, for local relevance. “In the case of the Arab world, I believe that the preservation of the local crafts and the heritage of each country should be a priority,” explains Editor-in-Chief, Manuel Arnaut. “This new mandate means that we will try as much as we can to honor the values we are advertising. While editorially we will dive in as much as we can in the aforementioned themes, we are also working on changing how things work in our lives, trying to avoid the use of plastic in the office, and adding other small gestures that make all the difference in the end. It is a learning curve for everyone, but I’m excited we are starting this journey.”

To promote the campaign, the cover story photographed by Elizaveta Porodina took place in the magical Kasbah Bab Ourika in Morocco, paying homage to the culture of the magnificent country, which has been inspiring the fashion world for decades. The shoot was fully styled with North African and Arab designers, highlighting Vogue Arabia’s ongoing campaign #buyarabdesigners. “In this fashion shoot we also sourced all the jewelry locally, trying to be as accurate as possible with Moroccan traditions,” adds Arnaut.

january 2020 cover, Meryem Tilila Oulhaj, vogue values

Meryem Tilila Oulhaj wearing carpet piece, shirt, Karim Adduchi. Photo by Elizaveta Porodina

Also promoting regional talents, the January issue celebrates local craftsmanship with a feature dedicated to the artisans at the Women’s Handicraft Centre in Abu Dhabi, who are crafting a living while ensuring the revival and survival of traditional skills. HE Noura Al Suwaidi, director-general of the General Women’s Union, says, “The best way to ensure the survival of our heritage is to blend it with the modern, to revive it.” The Women’s Handicraft Centre features a permanent exhibition center with symbols of everyday life showcasing the country’s history – from how women used to prepare for their wedding, to what perfumes and beauty products were prevalent throughout the ages.

Looking at how we can be more ethical and sustainable through fashion, Vogue Arabia’s new Sustainability Editor-at-Large, Livia Firth, talks to her friend Tom Ford about the fast-fashion crisis, 10 years of the Green Carpet Challenge, and pajama parties. Firth, a powerful communicator on progressive change, founder of the Green Carpet Challenge, and co-founder of Eco-Age, says about the industry, “I can see a change in terms of people’s perception. There is a fast-fashion fatigue, and a desire to learn the stories behind what we wear.”

january 2020 cover, Meryem Tilila Oulhaj, vogue values

Meryem Tilila Oulhaj wearing coat, dress, shoes, headpiece, necklaces, Maison Artc. Photo by Elizaveta Porodina

Want to be part of the sustainable movement but not sure how? Fear not – our shopping edit reveals how to buy less, but buy better, including a guide to wardrobe essentials, while our beauty eco guide will have you going sustainable with your products and checking every label.

It’s time we all stop being bystanders and strive to achieve a better life, and a better Earth. Join us in making a difference with the January 2020 issue.

Also, inside the January issue is an exclusive guide to the Maldives with inspiring shopping tips, best spa round ups and unique experiences that offer the best in luxury.

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