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Venus Williams’ First Lacoste Campaign Proves Fashion and Sport are the Perfect Match

Photo: Stas Komarovski

Signing up to become Lacoste’s global ambassador was a no-brainer for Venus Williams, a self-professed “tennis nerd”, who really knows her racket-sport history, as well as how to ace a killer drop shot on the court. Speaking on the set of her Vogue shoot, Williams shares that she has always felt inspired by brand founder René Lacoste’s game-changing approach to fashion. When current creative director Louise Trotter, a woman known for her effortlessly luxe approach to style, came along, it was a match made in heaven.

Photo: Stas Komarovski

“Her clothes really transform you once you put them on,” says Williams. “I’m into what makes you happy, and fashion and clothes make me so happy. It’s where I belong.” For a powerhouse woman at the top of her industry, it’s refreshing to hear that Williams still gets giddy at the sight of a great top – and not just the sweat-wicking kind. She loves the way Louise’s Lacoste encourages her to level up and do her best in her field and in life. “It was like role modeling for me,” she shares of working with Trotter. “Working with Louise makes me feel like I want to be better; I want to work harder; I want to dig deeper inside of myself.”

Photo: Stas Komarovski

Trotter, a tennis fan who can scarcely believe she can call Venus a colleague, is thrilled that the stars have aligned for this moment. “I can get a little bit emotional, because I’m a big tennis fan and having the opportunity to work with someone that you have so much respect for… she’s a true trailblazer,” explains Louise, who is the first woman at the creative helm of the French brand known for its crocodile logo. “I have so much respect for Venus, not just for her amazing game, but her values and the way she sees life. What she’s achieved not only as an athlete, but as a human in really pushing for women and equality and empowerment… for me, that’s such an incredible message.”

For Williams’s part, being a role model is first and foremost about how you view yourself. “You can’t really be a role model for someone else if you’re not happy with how you feel about the way you’re living your own life,” says Venus. “I just wanted to play tennis and then this whole role model thing came after, but thankfully my parents were good parents and gave us values.”

Photo: Stas Komarovski

It’s lucky for Lacoste her journey led her to the brand (Williams does not often sign brand endorsement deals). Her daily approach to getting dressed for herself is something we can all learn from. “I just wake up and I get dressed to the nines, like every day,” says the woman who transforms her wardrobe every two years. “I felt like I was waiting for my life to happen. Now, my life is so much better!” If you take one thing away from Venus Williams’s Lacoste campaign, it’s that dressing for yourself is the ultimate form of empowerment. And there’s plenty more to come.

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Senior Designer: Phil Jackson
Photograph Assistants: John Bain-Griffith, Alex Kalb, John Karp
Lead Production Manage: Camilla Bellamacina
Producer: Eolande Diaz
Stylist: Patrick Mackie
Stylist Assistant: Stephanie Hensley
Hair: Graham Nation
Makeup: Karina Milan
Deputy Head of Production & Delivery: Jasmine Day
Local production: Select Services Miami

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