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The Best Valentine’s Gifts For Him 2024: Here’s Your Ultimate Guide

The shiny ‘record of the year’ trophy on Miley Cyrus’ shelf means that we know to buy ourselves flowers—but if you are looking to show your appreciation for the main man in your life, the quest for the best Valentine’s gifts for him ends here. Whether he’s outdoorsy or likes to stay in, whether he’s passionate about sports or style, there’s something for everybody in our round-up of the best Valentine’s day gifts for a man, including—and perhaps especially—the one who swears that he doesn’t need anything. 


Vogue Man Arabia, Fall/Winter 2022. Photo: Tarek Mawad

Valentine’s gifts for the man who has a flair for fashion

  • Style can be personal but there’s no dearth of fashion-forward finishing touches that will serve as the perfect foil for his signature style. Instead of attempting to hazard a guess about the sneakers that he will refuse to take off, a pair of designer logo socks will help him step out in style. 
  • If you are looking for fashionable gifts, there’s an exciting new world of men’s jewelry to be considered. After all, it isn’t just women who have an eye for shiny baubles—when done right, a thoughtful accessory or two can be key for a man to express his style — and ou can always go for personalized Valentine’s Day gifts in this category. 
  • The key to getting it right is your choice of metals. If your person favors black in his wardrobe, silver-toned accessories are the failsafe option that won’t clash with his wardrobe choices. Look for pieces with a vintage-inflected finish for a timeless addition to his style. 
Valentine's gifts for him

Silver-tone chain ring, Alexander McQueen

  • Once you have mastered smaller accessories, it is time to flex your muscles with other candidates, such as a classic bracelet. The smooth, supple canvas of black leather will make for an office-friendly addition to his everyday rotation. 
Valentine's gifts for him

Silver-tone and leather bracelet, Saint Laurent

  • When the basics are mastered, you’ll want to turn your attention to other aspects of his wardrobe. While belts are often overlooked, they can serve as a make-or-break accessory for any look. Blacks and browns will always stand you in good stead, while designer logo buckles will help elevate his everyday style with enviable ease. 
Valentine's gifts for him

Interlocking G belt in coated-canvas, Gucci

  • For earning him some street cred, a leather bucket hat paired with his go-to oversized shirt is sure to turn heads wherever he goes. 
Valentine's gifts for him

Logo bucket hat in leather, Prada

Valentine’s gifts for the man who is a workaholic

  • Your bond may be destined for a lifetime, but it’s alright if his inbox is his first love. If you are looking to make his work life easier, take your pick from an exciting lineup of exclusive Valentine’s Day gift options for him. 
  • On busy mornings in the AM, a versatile laptop bag will be worth its weight in gold for helping him organize his work essentials and ferry all his gadgets through the everyday commute with ease and style. 
  • The hunt for the perfect laptop bag for him begins with craftsmanship—the make-or-break factor for longevity—and versatility. Think durable black leather with the option of detachable shoulder straps and top handles.  
Armani laptop bag

EA logo laptop bag in grained leather, Emporio Armani

  • Valentine’s gadgets for men may be an unscalable monolith—given the myriad opinions and preferences involved—but you can still choose to give his earpods a fashionable upgrade with a designer case that can be looped into a belt, keychain or luggage as needed. 
Balenciaga earpods case

Cash earpods pro holder in grained calfskin, Balenciaga

  • Even if your persona is surgically attached to his smartwatch, he will always appreciate having a quality timepiece for crucial meetings in the boardroom. A classic ceramic link bracelet is the tried-and-true candidate that will never let you down. 
Versace watch

DV one automatic 40mm, Versace

  • If your partner hasn’t updated his eyewear in a while, allow this opportunity to elevate his everyday glasses into a lasting expression of his individualistic style. The hunt for the right frame starts with considering a silhouette that complements his face shape. You’ll find that certain timeless styles, such as a round profile, will make for a universally flattering design. 
Dior eye glasses

CD diamondo s1l round – frame acetate optical glasses, Christian Dior

Valentine’s gifts for the man who is always on the go

  • Those in the quest of thoughtful Valentine’s gifts for their partner will want to take their cues from his lifestyle.
  • Whether your person is bitten by the wanderlust bug or has to frequently travel for work, take your pick from unique Valentine’s Day presents for him in Dubai that he will thank you for. 
  • For the perfect getaway, you’ll want a holdall in durable leather for stashing several days’ of outfits with ease—a luxurious luggage tag will serve as the perfect foil for the weekend. 
Loewe bag

Puzzle fold large convertible leather holdall, Loewe

  • To get the good times rolling, your choice of creative Valentine’s gift ideas for him also includes a compact portable speaker will ensure that the party follows both of you wherever you’ll go. Cinch your title as the best gift-giver with a timeless pair of aviators that he will never want to take off. 
Marshall speaker

Black and brass Kilburn II, Marshall

Cartier sunglasses

XL aviator sunglasses in metal, Cartier

Valentine’s gifts for the man with a busy social calendar

  • If your partner’s social calendar is crammed with work dinners and events where he needs to make an impression, take your cues from our round-up of luxury Valentine’s Day gifts for men. 
  • He may have a handle on tailored tuxedos and three-piece suits, but thoughtful accessories can make for a meaningful addition to his sartorial signature, making them the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him.
  • The hunt begins with all of the usual suspects: silk ties, monogrammed cufflinks and leather loafers. 
Prada cufflinks Valentines gifts for him

Triangle logo cufflinks in sterling silver, Prada

Solid tie in silk twill, Dolce & Gabbana Valentines gifts for him

Solid tie in silk twill, Dolce & Gabbana

Prada loafers Valentines gifts for him

Logo loafers in brushed leather, Prada

  • When in doubt, leather accessories—a designer card case or a monogrammed wallet, anyone?—can be counted among the last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts for him that you’ll wish you’d thought of sooner. 
Versace card case Valentines gifts for him

Medusa biggie card case in leather, Versace

YSL wallet Valentines gifts for him

Monogram continental wallet in smooth leather, Saint Laurent

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