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A Never-Before-Seen Opportunity for Lovers of Luxury Watches and Fine Art

Louvre Vacheron Constantin

Louvre Partnership x Vac 2020 Christie’s Experience

A bespoke Vacheron Constantin watch is up for auction at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Its Les Cabinotiers watch, whose dial reproduces in miniature enamel an artwork kept in the Louvre Museum and chosen by its buyer, is part of the Bid For The Louvre auction on until December 15.

“Vacheron Constantin’s Les Cabinotiers watch is the only horological lot among the unique and exclusive pieces put up for auction,” shares Christian Selmoni, style and heritage director for Vacheron Constantin. “This participation was a natural choice for the manufacture, testifying to its profound attachment to art and culture as well as its concern for safeguarding and passing on heritage in all its forms.”

Vacheron Constantin Louvre

A mock-up of the Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers watch.

Donated on behalf of the Swiss watch brand, which has been a partner of the Louvre since 2019, it will join other bids, with the aim to bolster arts and culture and celebrate beauty and art. It presents a unique opportunity for the future owner to experience an unforgettable artistic exchange between Paris and Geneva.

“We are proud to be taking part along other artists and maisons in this exceptional auction organized by the Louvre and Christie’s in support of the museum’s solidarity projects,” comments Louis Ferla, Vacheron Constantin CEO. “Our ongoing commitment to art and the transmission of savoir-faire – which has been expressed alongside the Louvre since the announcement of our partnership a year ago – takes on even greater significance within a global context that is troubled and challenging in more ways than one. Putting up for auction a Les Cabinotiers timepiece based on a masterpiece, a one-of-a-kind model personalized in accordance with the acquirer’s wishes, symbolizes the identity of our maison and its mission to promote the sharing of culture and emotions.” The owner will also be able to choose the case material of platinum, pink, or white gold, have an engraving made on the officer-type case-back; and choose the strap from a selection of various materials and colors.

Autumn by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

The successful bidder will start their journey in Paris with a private visit to the Louvre, led by its best expert. There, they will select the piece to be reproduced in enamel on the dial. Known as the Geneva technique, and dating from the 18th century, this miniature enamel is done by only the most experienced artisan masters of both pigment and fire. One of the main challenges consists in composing a color palette compliant with the original shades of the work, while remaining keenly aware that the multiple firings in the kiln at over 800°C are liable to alter its color and brilliance share the team behind Vacheron Constatin. Grisaille enamel as a craft, appeared in the 16th century and consists of superimposing touches of a rare white enamel on a layer of dark enamel coating the gold dial base. Each layer of enamel is then fired in a kiln, timed to the second.

100% of the sale proceeds of the Christie’s auction will support the solidarity projects of Le Louvre.

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