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9 Chic Off-Duty Pieces That Flatter An Athletic Body Shape

For those of us with a broader shoulder to hip ratio, sometimes it may feel near impossible to find pieces that compliment our athletic shape. However, the key is in knowing exactly which silhouettes best flatter your frame. As Amna Al Haddad notes in our July/August issue, dressing for your body type can be a learning process. “I’m still trying to figure out what clothes work for me. I enjoy wearing maxi dresses, coats, and training clothes,” the Emirati competitive weightlifters notes. “A stylist once pointed out that I should wear skirts, so I experiment with that too. Anything square-shaped makes me look bulky and bigger than I am.” To make your shopping spree a tad easier this summer, we’ve pulled together an edit of 10 off-duty pieces that best flatter an athletic body shape.

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