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“It’s Time for High Jewelry Houses to Open its Doors to Young People,” says Imaan Hammam

Tiffany & Co.

Imaan Hammam with photographer Craig McDean. Courtesy Tiffany & Co.

“I was 16-years-old when I first came to New York,” remembers Egyptian-Moroccan model Imaan Hammam. “I had heard about Tiffany,” nods the two-time Vogue Arabia cover star. “When you live in New York, you see it everywhere. But I didn’t know if I would ever own a piece from the brand. It was too high class, too out of reach. My mom also knew about Tiffany, but it was not something that she felt she had the privilege…” her voice trails as she remembers her first impressions of the high jewelry house founded in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany. And yet, it wouldn’t be long before Hammam would be swooped up by the American heritage jeweler, becoming not just a face of Tiffany & Co., but a dynamic ambassador, too.    

Tiffany & Co.

Kendall Jenner shoots the Tiffany & Co. Spring 2019 campaign. Courtesy Tiffany & Co.

Now, in the Tiffany & Co. spring 2019 campaign, she is one of five models along with Kendall Jenner, Carolyn Murphy, Mica Argañaraz, and Fei Fei Sun promoting the youthful, diverse, and inclusive spirit of the jewelry house and photographed by Craig McDean. “It’s time for the fashion industry and for the high jewelry industry to really open doors  for young people,” she states. As brands walk a fine line between tokenism and sincere inclusivity, Tiffany invites its ambassadors to use their voice for the voiceless and promote causes of global importance. “The people used as brand ambassadors are all very young, strong women, that all stand for something,” comments Hammam. Since becoming part of the Tiffany family in 2016, the model has been involved with Knot on My planet, an organization that aims to stop the slaughter of elephants and one supported by Tiffany through its Tiffany Save the Wild campaign.

Tiffany & Co.

Mica Argañaraz, on set of the Tiffany & Co. Spring 2019 campaign. Courtesy Tiffany & Co.

With each model invited to share their personal style through the Tiffany pieces, Hammam highlights the Tiffany T collection, consisting of strong, graphic forms of the letter T reimagined in a range of architectural cuffs, bracelets, pendants, rings, and earrings made of 18k gold and sterling silver. Diamonds appear as sparkling accents. “I have a couple of pieces,” she says demurely. “When I wear it, it’s always going to be two or three rings and a necklace. The T collection is a favorite,” she adds. “It’s chic and simple, I love the cuffs, I’ll mix them. I would definitely wear them to do get some groceries,” she laughs, flashing her mega-watt smile.

Tiffany & Co.

Carolyn Murphy on set of the Tiffany & Co. Spring 2019 campaign. Courtesy Tiffany & Co.

And who would Hammam invite to eat? “Michelle Obama,” she says, without skipping a beat. Of the former American first lady, Hammam comments, “For me, Michelle is a fashion icon. She’s fearless. Somebody that stood with Barack and was a boss lady next to him. I feel like I’m on a journey myself; discovering who I am and what I stand for.”  The model continues that it’s difficult to find a moment to reflect on her calendar that offers her countless opportunities and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. One thing is certain, were she to come across her former 16-year-old self, she would tell her, “Open the [blue] box; it’s yours. Grab it girl. Don’t worry, live boldly.”

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